Thursday, October 28, 2004
Off Running

I'm off running but will be back on Wednesday to recount my adventures!
Wednesday, October 27, 2004

This past weekend, Mot told me that a store near her was going out of business. Now this store has been going out of business for almost a year so I gave her a "are you for real?" look but then she told me that October 31st was their last day and that they had a piece she knew I wanted. Well she knew I wanted it because she has a similar piece and I'm always trying to steal it from her. So last night I made one of the best purchases ever! I only paid $35 for this solid mahogany small chest of drawers.

and here is a peek into some of the drawers...

I can't wait to fill it up with goodies and secrets!
Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Secret Pal Revelations

Today I revealed myself to my Secret Pal Christine. I had so much fun with this secret pal exchange and am anxiously awaiting to see who my secret pal was. She said she'll reveal herself on Halloween!

What fun!

Monday, October 25, 2004

The Fallidays are here! This weekend was a plethora of parties and pumpkin carving.

Saturday brought a surprise party for Eric for which Zubin broke out his pimp costume.

Mot and I posed like children making guppy faces.

And Sunday brought an All Orange Dinner party at Merc's which Chuckles enjoyed immensely due to the potential of food droppings.

Happy Fallidays Everyone!

Friday, October 22, 2004
On the taper

Tomorrow I do my last long run before the marathon and it will only be 10 miles which frankly doesn't seem so long to me now. You know you've been running too far and too much when 10 miles doesn't seem long!

I realized last night that this weekend I'll need to do some serious pre-trip planning. I need to contact Liz so she knows when I'll be showing up at her house and to get directions so I know how to get to her house. (Oh I'm super excited that I land in Baltimore at 4:30 p.m. which means I'll get the grand privilege of driving in Washington DC rush hour traffic.) I also need to get my MP3 player ready for the marathon and email another friend to see where she wants to meet-up after the race.

This next week is all about tapering and eating right. I need to get my body rested and well-fed for this venture. Right after that race, I'm having beer! I'm celebrating Merc-style and visiting the Brickhouse Brewery after the marathon. Stephanie knows and is prepared.

No pictures today since I'm working on a secret project. I did get quite a bit done on it last night though. I hope to spend some time working on Lara this weekend.
Thursday, October 21, 2004
No Title

Last night I was able to find time to attend the knitting guild and I am so happy I did!

After the meeting, Marti told me to hold out my hand and dropped some BEAUTIFUL stitch markers into them. Ryan got into the giving to Rebecca mood and gave me one of her stitch markers too! The second best part is both of these ladies have agreed to teach me how to make my very own stitch markers!

Destiny was also enticed by the markers this morning when I tried to get some photos of them.

These markers were quite hard to photograph.

Here are the best two shots I could get.

The marker on the bottom is from Ryan and the other two are from Marti. Thank you!

After receiving my prizes,I went to Third Place Books to knit with Jessica. I grabbed a wonderful chocolate biscotti from the Honey Bear Bakery and found a table to wait for Jessica. After waiting for awhile, I began to fear that I was at the wrong Third Place Books. I felt so bad! Turns out that Jessica went to the Ravenna Third Place Books and I went to the Lake Forest Park Third Place Books! I always forget that they added on the Ravenna location. Jessica and I will have to try to meet up again soon and this time, I'll make sure I understand the end location better!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Rhinebeck Dreams

No, I didn’t go to Rhinebeck this weekend but after reading about everyone’s adventures there, I know that I missed out on quite an adventure. I’m seriously considering going next year!

In knitting news, Lara is moving along. I finally reached the division point. Those 42 rows of st st bored me to tears and really slowed me down. Also for some reason, purling with alpaca silk makes my hand become “claw-like” after awhile.

I can not wait to finish and wear this sweater. I’ve been browsing the knitting blogs who have completed their Lara sweaters and I’m in love with them. Seriously.

The marathon countdown is dawning closer. I will have run 26.2 miles in 11 days. In 9 days I have to get up at 4 a.m. to catch a 6 a.m. flight to Baltimore. In 12 days, I will visit Knit Happens for my knitting prize. Yes, I get a HUGE knitting prize for running 26.2 miles and since Knit Happens is in the area, that is where I’m getting my prize. I do hope Kristine is in town so I can meet her in person!

Carolyn, I’m still reading Jonathan Strange. I do love it and I can’t wait to discuss it but The Sims requires devotion from me and who am I to deny The Sims what they need? I mean you can see in the picture of Lara above that I'm reading it, it is just a very large book and I am savoring every word. Yes, that is what I am doing. I do wish I could play Sims at work though.
Monday, October 18, 2004
Lost Posts and other such nonsense

I had a whole post. It talked about how I didn't get anything done this weekend but then I realized I had. I also talked about running 15 miles in the rain and how I didn't think I enjoyed running in the rain for that long of a time. I do like it for shorter runs but when my toes start to get pruny, it's too long.

Destiny didn't like the rain this weekend either since it cut into her outside time. I think she personally blamed me for the weather!

I didn't knit this weekend because I purchased The Sims. I also had lunch with my Grandpa, visited Costco with him, cleaned the house and went to the Ballard Market all before celebrating my Sister-in-Law's birthday (which is Wednesday) at her grandparent's house. Unfortunately I don't have photos because I left my camera at home. Should have planned ahead.

I will be working on Lara tonight though at the Purlygirls before dropping my car off at the car dealer so I can have Lo-Jack installed.

Final Countdown

I'm into the final countdown on this marathon thing. In 14 days, I will have run 26.2 miles which seems like an awfully long way. This weekend, Stephanie and I ran 15 miles in the rain. Julie and Zubin joined us for the first 5 miles which was nice. Running in the rain can be fun but I think I prefer running in the rain for much shorter distances. It was a good run and I'm happy that Stephanie encouraged me to go even when I would have rather stayed in bed.

Next weekend, 10 miles and then marathon preparation. Eeek! Actually I'm not feeling nervous at all and I'm looking forward to accomplishing this task.

Other than my run, I didn't accomplish much this weekend due to my purchase of The Sims computer game. What a fun game! What a time sucker!

This means there was little knitting done since my free time was spent with the Sims. I did however clean the house, get a birthday present, visit the Ballard market and have lunch with my Grandfather along with a trip to Costco. Hmmmm I guess I did get some stuff done, just not any knitting.

Well tonight is Purlygirls and I can get some knitting done there even though I'll only be able to stop by for an hour.
Friday, October 15, 2004
Bucket Bonkers

Earlier this week I started working on the Felted Bucket hat pattern my secret pal had sent me. I needed a quick project in between Lara. What a fun hat to make! I’ve completed the knitting portion and just need to weave in the ends before I felt this hat.

Here I am modeling my great hat! I know it’s a bit big right now but check in again on Monday for a finished product!

And in honor of Sandy and her sky request, here is the sunset from last night. Just ignore the power lines and enjoy the colors.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Knitting Disaster

A large knitting disaster was closely diverted last night. I settled in to watch some bad late night television and get some knitting done on Lara. After knitting for over a half an hour, I noticed that I had dropped a hunk of stitches off one end. It was horrible. There was ripping, there was sighing but overall there was knitting re-done. I'm still about 5 rows away from where I was before the big rip but I'm back on track.

I also repurchased some #9 double pointed needles today in an attempt to locate my missings ones. Now that they've been replaced, they are sure to show up.

No pictures today, I couldn't bear to photograph the Lara incident!

I do have a new email account though! I'm still using hotmail but I think I'm making the switch to gmail. Yes, I got a gmail account and so far it seems to be working great! Mark your address books -- I can be reached at ReeBecki(at)gmail(dot)com.
Monday, October 11, 2004
Knitting Runner

On Friday night, I trecked on down to the White River Amphitheatre to see Sting and Annie Lennox in concert. The actual concert was great but the drive down and back were just atrocious. Seriously bad, bad enough that I don't think I'll be attending another concert at this venue no matter how great the performer is.

Saturday went much more smoothly. Stephanie and I started our 20 mile run around 11 a.m. (due to our late night at the Sting concert, we opted to allow ourselves some sleeping in time.) I contacted Mot with final instuctions on where to drop Zubin the dog off so he could run the last bit with us and we were off. It was a bit windy and sprinkly but we were not deterred. We were running 20 miles and we were going to enjoy ourselves. And we did. Around mile 13, Merc drove by and dropped off Gatorade and GUMMY BEARS! This is where I discovered that Gummy Bears are a miracle food! Seriously! They curbed the craving in my stomach and gave me the power to finish the last 7 miles.

Between mile 13 and 14, Mot met up with us with more Gatorade and Zubin. He was so excited and off we went running. Mot left to get back to her nursing studies. She's a great studier and had a lot of reading to get done. The last 6 miles were a blur. They felt good and I actually didn't feel like I was going to die when we finished. I felt like I could have gone further but I had decided not to that day. Of course, all this running did wear me out so I ended up watching tv and knitting the rest of the day. Stephanie came over later with a movie and we teased Zubin by eating Kettle Corn in front of him.

I finished Jen's scarf on Sunday and Zubin was polite enough to model it for me.

Here it is sans Zubin. I hope Jen likes it!

And I worked on Lara some more.

Progress has slowed a bit since it's just basic knitting for 30 more rows....zzzzzzzz. Then the fun begins again!

I missed out on the Gay People and Straight People Who Don't Want to Stone Them knitting get-together on Sunday due to a lack of energy. Seriously I couldn't get my butt off the couch so I had a Rebecca and Zubin knit-in.

Whew! This week at work looks to be busy! Give me strength!
Friday, October 08, 2004
Chunky, Quickly

Lara is still moving along at a great pace but last night I decided to cast on for the second France scarf. This one is for Jen. Again I apologize for the crappy photo but let me tell you, daylight is scarce here!

I love the colors and texture of Rowan Biggy Print and this scarf is practically knitting itself. I'm already on the second skein of three so I forsee a finished scarf by tomorrow.

Last night I also purchased some stitch marker supplies and went to work. I made a few for my secret pal but I think I need more practice. My Dad tried to placate me by saying they were great but I'm not sure he was telling me the truth.

Tomorrow 20 miles!
Wednesday, October 06, 2004

This Lara sweater has completely grabbed my knitting attention. In fact, I think about knitting most of the time. It's growing along and each new step excites me. I sense that this will be a great sweater and the yarn is so wonderful!

I apologize for the crappy photo but its the rainy season and there is a lack of sunlight around here.

As you can see from the photo above, I'm only 20 rows from dividing the front and back. Depending on how my evening goes, I hope to get there tonight.

Whew, I'm actually out of words today so I'm going to sign off with this short post and continue along my merry way.
Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Bloggers Weekend

I was blog crazy this weekend. Of course, you wouldn't know that since I haven't posted since Thursday!

It all started on Friday with a phone call from Carolyn. I will admit freely here that I was a dork! I didn't know who had called me and was convinced that she had the wrong number. After a few moments of confusion (on my end), we got down to business. There was much to discuss. And I wish I had more time but there will be other calls and other emails.

Saturday dawned with a visit to Ryan's for a Knorthend Knitters Mossy Cottage Fiber Commune Second-Brownie Knitting Jubilee. And Jubilee we were! I got to meet the famous TMK! And I have proof!

And I got to adore Frankie and torment Ryan when she couldn't get my poncho over her head since I made the opening too small!

I'm sure she thought she'd have that pink thing on her head for life!

I so throughly enjoyed myself at the Jubilee and took the chance to start Lara. It was time for the Knit-along to start!

I'm adoring this sweater already. The yarn is super smooth and silky.

Sunday was an early morning wake-up call to watch my friends finish the Portland marathon. Suzanne and Merc did great! They even had enough energy to smile after the race.

After cheering them on and having some lunch, Stephanie and I made our way over to Larissa's art gallery to check out the meathead installation.

It looked fantastic! My only sadness is that I can't be there on Thursday for the gallery opening party.

And all through the day I worked on Lara wherever I could. I finished the sleeve and have moved onto the body.

I even brought Destiny home a toy, a catnip body pillow! You can see her enjoying it along with my Lara sweater.

Last night I found her sleeping with it.


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