Saturday, November 26, 2016

Advent Season 2016

November 28: Visit Santa  #mongrainadvent2015 Both girls screamed and cried and it was the best thing ever!

For the past few years, I've created an Advent Calendar full of activities for the girls. This year is no exception and I'm really excited about what I've put together this year. May the girls cry when they meet Santa, squeal with excitement at the Gingerbread Houses and end the season with delightful memories of the Advent Season. 


Sunday, November 27- Attend the Pacific Northwest Ballet Nutcracker 
Monday, November 28- Visit Swansons Nursery to see the Reindeer
Tuesday, November 29- Make a Paper Garland for the Tree 
Wednesday, November 30- Drop off Socks at the WeCount Box of Sox 
Thursday, December 1- Decorate for Christmas
Friday, December 2- Visit the Sheraton Gingerbread Village 
Saturday, December 3- Visit Santa Claus at University Village 
Sunday, December 4 - Make Christmas Cards for the Preschool Teachers
Monday, December 5- Visit Lahaina’s famous banyan tree wrapped in Christmas lights
Tuesday, December 6- Go Whale Watching
Wednesday, December 7- Go to a Luau 
Thursday, December 8- Sing Christmas Carols on the Beach
Friday, December 9- Collect Sand and flowers to make Hawaii Ornaments
Saturday, December 10- Celebrate Grandpa’s Birthday by floating candles in the ocean
Sunday, December 11- Listen to a reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas
Monday, December 12- Make Paper Bag Reindeers and Eat Reindeer Poop (Chocolate)
Tuesday, December 13- Make Christmas Treats for the neighbors
Wednesday, December 14- Collect Gifts for a Giving Tree
Thursday, December 15- Walk Olympic Manor and check out the Christmas Lights
Friday, December 16- Visit Snowflake Lane in Bellevue 
Saturday, December 17- Watch the Christmas Ships at Carkeek Park 
Sunday, December 18 - Drive Candy Cane Lane to look at Christmas lights
Monday, December 19 - Celebrate Mommy’s Birthday and take pictures of the Christmas Tree Lights
Tuesday, December 20 - Make Christmas Cards for Grandparents
Wednesday, December 21 - Celebrate Maggie’s Birthday!
Thursday, December 22 - Watch a Christmas Movie and eat Popcorn
Friday, December 23 - Buy Christmas Cookies for Santa at Larsen's Bakery
Saturday, December 24 - Christmas Eve Church Service

Scary Santa
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