Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Five Months with Molly Pop


Dear Molly,

Seriously? You are now five months? When and how did this happen? Where did my little squishy baby go and who is this big girl in her place?

This past month has been HUGE on development. You are now sitting up on your own (well if we put you down in a sitting position, you no longer topple over but stay sitting), you roll from front to back and to front again (though not very often because you just can't be bothered), you grab things and shove them into your mouth (everything goes into your mouth). 


You had your first road trip this month. We headed down to Portland (PDX) to introduce you to your Uncle Chuck, Aunt Mary and cousins, Hailey and Tyler. Along the way you also got to meet your Great Aunt LeeAnn and Cousin Ann. You were a CHAMP on the trip even though the night before you came down with a great cold of doom. It was such a cold of doom that your Pop Pop and I were a bit worried about you. In fact, I took you to the doctor when we returned from our trip and she confirmed that you had a cold, a cold of doom. 


We've also been sleep training this month and naps are going quite well. Nighttime sleep is a HUGE struggle and you fight it with every bit of your soul. We have gotten you to sleep by 9 p.m. almost every night so that is a win. But the wailing and gnashing of teeth is so not a win.

You also had your first taste of solid food this month. Not by our choice though. It was all determined by you. You wanted that piece of Brie cheese on my plate and so you took it and shoved it into you little mouth. The look of delight on your face was wonderful. You LOVED that cheese. We will however be waiting until you are six months old to properly introduce you to food but I'm not going to stop you from grabbing food you deem interesting off my plate. 


We are also working on your separation anxiety. You get really upset at night when I leave so I'm hiding in my craft room for 30 minutes each night so you can get used to being with your Pop Pop in the evening. The funny thing is you have a great time with him when I leave during the day, you just don't like it when I leave at night. 


I look forward to many many more days and nights with you my Molly Pop. It's been so much fun. I feel lucky to have so much time with you. You are a wonderful little girl who is starting to really show us her personality. We might be in trouble here; sweet, fun trouble!

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