Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nine Months with Molly Pop

Popsicle Molly

What? You are nine months old? Seriously where did the time go? I think it was spent having way too much fun. This was a busy month. You went to the Oregon Coast and Eastern Washington. You dazzled people with your swimming skills and started eating three meals a day. You are so over purees and have started insisting on only finger foods.

This was from the kid's menu! It was delicious but so much food. We helped Molly finish it.

Our nursing relationship has dwindled in the last few weeks and has ended before either of us were ready. It is what it is and I'm happy that I gave you almost 9 months of breast milk. And now my boobs are back to being my boobs so that is a win for Mama. You also got your two front teeth this month. They popped out while we were celebrating your Great Grandfather's birthday in Spokane. Just like that. It was painful and you were unhappy but once they broke through, all was good in Molly Pop land again. While in Spokane, we stayed at the Davenport Hotel. It is a grand hotel and you loved the mirrors so much in the room. You talked to mirror baby for most of the morning and were sad to say goodbye to her. You also loved the hotel pool and swam your little heart out.

Beach Babes

The week before Spokane, we went down to the Oregon Coast for a family vacation. Grandma and Grandpa B joined us. You loved the house we rented because of the dangerous staircase which we named, The Danger Zone. You also spent most of your time on vacation practicing your standing skills. You'd stand up, sit down, stand up and sit down again. Over and over again. It was only exhausting when you insisted on practicing in your travel crib in the middle of the night. Shortly after that you began sleeping in bed with Mama and Pop Pop again. It's taken most of the month to break you of that habit. Though (and don't tell anyone I said this), I do love sleeping next to you and watching you breathe. I also love having space to stretch out in bed.

Toilet Paper Imp

You also acquired some fun skills this month - clappy clap, waving and pointing. Dad and you listen to The Lumineers and clap to the music.  You wave hello and good-bye to everyone, including the cats. Ahhhh the pointing, that is hilarious. You point (and sometimes double point) while grunting to make your point. You have so much to say and so few words to say it with it. You love it when I point back at you. It's a very funny thing to watch.

Whatever! I'm in the Danger Zone Mommy!

You have also taken cruising to a new level. You cruise everywhere but are not yet walking independently. You love walking around holding onto the couch, the ottomans, the entertainment center, everything. You have also developed a proper crawl with your belly off the ground. No more army crawl for you and less dirty, dirty laundry for me. Nothing like a crawler in your house to show you how dirty your floors are. And here I thought my floors were pretty clean.

Molly and the toy airplane

You have become even more interactive. I love playing with you and taking you on walks. You really enjoy them now. We've also started going to more parks and I can see that they will be grand entertainment as you grow. For now you just enjoy sitting in the sandbox and eating sand. Yuck!

Molly - 39 Weeks

We love you Molly Pop! We love that you are in our lives and that every single day, you bring us more and more joy. Thank you for being the light of our lives.

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