Friday, October 05, 2012

10 Months with Molly Pop

Molly Pop and Otter Pop

This month has brought even more fun. You are quite a joy and we are so blessed to have you as our daughter. You've been cruising up a storm and practicing your standing skills. You'll be walking before we know it.


This month has been filled with play dates, rawr'ing and trying really hard to say doggie and cat which comes out as Oooogie and THat. You are also starting to really understand when I ask you to do something and have conquered the "All Done" sign language. You are such a social little girl and wave at everybody with your pageant wave.


I've been running a lot which means that you've been my patient stroller running buddy. We have been out enjoying our Indian Summer and exploring the neighborhood. The bonus side effect is that I've been getting in shape which is fantastic!


You have become quite active and spend a lot of time rampaging about. You love taking all your toys out of your toy basket and throwing them around the room. It's exhausting but fun.

Molly - 43 Weeks

We're really getting glimpses into your personality. You are a fun kid and a very social one. Grocery store trips take us quite awhile because you must wave and make eyes at everyone. I sense that when you can talk, these trips are going to take even longer! When we go to playground or play-yards, you charge ahead to play with everyone. You barely notice where I am because you must greet everyone!

Molly with the penguins

You are also a clapping fool. You love clapping to music and just to show your happiness.


We love you, Molly. We are so happy to have spent the last 10 months with you and look forward to spending even more time with you.
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