Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Year in Review - 2008

And so 2008 comes to a close...

A Year in Review - 2008

A Year in Review Photo Set - 2008

It was a good year full of fun, excitement and accomplishment. I knit more pairs of socks than ever before, I completed some sweaters and started others, I ran TWO half-marathons, went on two epic trips (one to Hawaii and the other a road trip to the South West) and attended three wonderful weddings.

In 2008, I also moved to Fremont and in with Scott, I started taking the bus to work almost every day and stopped driving so much, Scott and I got a new sofa and Kato the cat learned that I was just as lovable as his Scott.

All in all, a very good year. Here's to an even better 2009!
Saturday, December 27, 2008

Frenzy with Mittens

Unfinished Bird in Hand

My finishing frenzy continues unabated! I've been working on the Chevron Scarf but when I need a break from the slog, I've also been working on my Bird in Hand Mittens.

Detailed Bird in Hand

I've been knitting the left mitten with bigger needles than the right mitten but so far, I haven't noticed a size difference. Oh well, it appears these mittens might be a tiny bit snug and that I need to work on my stranded knitting gauge.

75% Done Mittens

I do so love this mitten pattern though and think the little bird on the thumb is ingenious!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

And To All A Good Night!

Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Lights

It was a fine day even though Scott and I were stuck in Seattle and not down in Portland celebrating with family.

We had our fun though. We woke up and exchanged presents. Kato even gave us presents! He's such a thoughtful cat. Then we had pie for breakfast before settling in to watch some movies and "Mad Men".

Happy Hour Tray

We enjoyed Happy Hour treats and some wine before consuming the Cornish Game Hens with stuffing, corn and cranberry sauce I made for dinner. Yum!

Cornish Game Hens
Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chevron Scarf

The Most Boring Scarf EVER

I'm in the midst of a finishing frenzy as previously mentioned so last night I moved on to the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I started this scarf almost two years ago and I know why I stalled on knitting it. It's BORING! Oh I love the colors, I love how the scarf is coming out but I DO NOT LIKE knitting it.

Chevron Colors

It's incredibly boring and slow going. I knit on this for about 3 hours today and maybe got four more inches knit. Bah! I'm going to knit a bit more on this tonight and then tomorrow on Christmas, I'm going to knit something FUN!

The Most Boring Scarf EVER

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finishing Frenzy

Lace Scarf

Since I've been snowed in, I've been on a real finishing frenzy!

I finished up my Sock Yarn Clapotis and last night finished the first part of my Alterknits Scarf.Shawl.Wrap. It was a bit too easy and I can't remember why I stopped knitting on it in the first place.

Cabled Part

Now I just need to cast on for the shawl portion of this project and get knitting but first I have a few other WIPs to finish up.

Alterknits Scarf

Monday, December 22, 2008


Fremont at 9 am
Seattle is still covered in snow, so much snow!

The Bus Tunnel

While I had scheduled some vacation days around Christmas, I was supposed to work today and tomorrow. However getting there today was more difficult that I imagined. I took the bus with Scott downtown. That took about an hour with the walking to the stop, waiting for the bus and riding it in. I kissed Scott goodbye and headed down to the bus tunnel to wait for the 174 since my usual bus route had been suspended.

Downtown Streets

I thought the bus tunnel would be warmer than the surface street but I was so wrong! It was freezing down there. I waited about 40 minutes and when the bus didn't show up, I decided that if getting in was taking so long, what would it be like getting home? I made the decision to give up and headed over to Scott's office where I entertained myself with some knitting while he did some work. We then grabbed a bit to eat before waiting an hour for another bus to take us home.


Tomorrow looks like it will be another icy commute to work, one which I wonder if I'll be able to make!

I love snow but I think it is time for this snow to leave us!

Bus Tunnel Ceiling
Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bird In Hand

Right Bird in Hand Mitten

Last weekend due to the cold weather (which continues for quite some time I've been told), I cast on for the Bird in Hand Mittens by Kate Gilbert.

I'm not very experienced when it comes to stranded knitting which I have found to be OK with this pattern. I love how easy it has been so far, well except for the braids but I think that was due to the worsted weight yarn and the size one needles. EEEK!

Blocking Bird in Hand Mitten

My only other problem is that I think my gauge is a tiny bit too tight in stranded knitting and so my right hand mitten is a tiny bit too small. I am currently blocking the crap out it to see if the sizing improves before I cast on for the left mitten. I figure I can adjust the needle size following Kate's directions if needed for the left mitten.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

366 Days Complete

Day 366 (366/366): The Last Day! Betty Lou Schemes

Today I took my final 365 Days picture and of course that darn Betty Lou showed up!

I can't believe this project is actually over and that tomorrow I begin my 34th year. I'm so glad I did this even though
some days I really, really didn't want to take a picture of me. I got pretty sick of me as a subject about halfway through
the project but in the end, I had so much fun doing this.

Day 320 (320/366): Silver Pinky

In my 33rd year, I moved in with my love, gained a cat, started taking the bus to work, went to Hawaii, went on a great road trip with my love, saw a dear friend marry her love and on this final day, ran two Half Marathons and got my wish for a major snowstorm in Seattle.

Day 201 (201/366): On the Urban Safari

Here are some stats from the past year:

Days Missed: 0 -- I know, A++ here!
Made Explore: 5

Most Viewed Photo: Day 168 with 15,940 all time views

With other people: 35
With animals: 12
As Betty Lou: 6
With Scott: 17
Cities taken in: 20
Taken after Half Marathon Runs with my Medals: 2
Showing my Knitting and/or yarn: 36
With Food: 26

And yes, I loved this so much, I'm considering doing a Year 2! First though I need to go and play in the snow!

Day 197 (197/366): Wink!

Snowpocalyse 2008

39th in Fremont

After a disappointing day yesterday where snow was promised but not delivered, I woke up this morning with SNOW!

Let Snowpocalyse 2008 begin!

Another View of 39th

Luckily for me, I was already scheduled to be on vacation today and tomorrow so I have no worries about trying to go into work. And my vacation plans are not ruined because I planned to stay around the house and knit! I can totally do that on a snow day and without any lingering thoughts of going outside and being productive.

Side Street in Fremont
Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Finally Finished Socks

Toe Done

After many months of trauma knitting these socks, I finally finally knit a pair of socks on one circular needle and they are awesome!


Back of Socks

Day 357 (357/366): Finally FINISHED!

Yes Done
Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tag! I'm It!


KarenJotagged me for this meme last week but I've been quite busy this week and am only now getting to this meme.

*Go to your sixth picture folder and pick your sixth picture.

*Pray you remember the details.

*Tag five others.

I just backed up all my photos to my external hard drive and so because I'm too lazy to go drag it out, I'm going off my Flickr folders.

But ummmmm didn't I just post this image when I went to Skillet last week? It's a photo I took of the Skillet truck (Yum! Skillet!) and I'd recommend that everyone go there. Yum!

I'm not going to tag anyone but if you want to do this meme, go for it!
Friday, December 05, 2008

Colbert on Knitting

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I did it! I did it!


I got before dawn had cracked this morning and got ready to race. I woke Scott up and we were on our merry way. Scott dropped me off at Memorial Stadium. I walked in and found my training group where I met up with my running partner. I decided that I was just going to have fun on this race and not care about my time. I'm never going to win one of these and having a good time is way more important to me than shaving a minute or two off my time.

Photo by Scottmon

I made sure to take my time at the start and gently jogged through Downtown Seattle to the International District. I had lost Julie in the crowd at this point but was OK with each of us running our own race.

I entered the I-90 express lanes which is really the ugliest and more boring part of the race course where I chatted with a nice lady as we climbed up the express lanes. Once we reached the tunnel, I began running again and ran into Julie. We stuck together for the rest of the race which was really nice of her since she is a much faster runner. It makes for a better time though if you have someone to run with.

Photo by Scottmon

We whirled our ways down Lake Washington Blvd and to THE HILL! I was grateful for all the hill training I did this session as the hill wasn't as terrible as it has been in the past. I live at the bottom of a hill and usually walk quickly up the hill to start my running routes. It makes for a great butt workout even if it makes you feel like death at times.

We then entered the Arboretum and committed to running all the downhills. I also committed to walking all the uphills but Julie told me that she wasn't allowing that.

We climbed up the last hill along I-5 and then burst into running for most of mile 12. The marathon winner blew past us at about 12.5 miles. His legs were AMAZING!

Photo by Scottmon

Then I sprinted into the chute and Julie bounded ahead of me down toward the finish. I spotted Scott and my parent's and maybe even posed a bit for them. I also saw someone proposing to their girlfriend just a few feet before the finish. I thought it was cute but then got worried about her time! She needed to sprint in and then come back to say yes! But you know, I bet she wasn't really thinking about that.

Day 348 (348/366): I DID it!

In the end, I completed the course in 3:13:56 for which I was happy! My splits were 1:31:46 at the 6.2 mile (10k) mark and 1:48:14 for the last 6.9 miles.

In 2006, the year it snowed! I finished the race in 3:32:09. In 2005, I did the race in 3:00:35 and in 2002, the first year I did the race, I finished near death in 3:16:49. While this year was not my best time, it was one of my BEST times! I just had fun and that is so important to me.

Finishers Certificate
Saturday, November 29, 2008

T Minus One Sleep


Tomorrow morning I will get up and run the Seattle Half Marathon. Tomorrow afternoon I will gloat in the glory of being done with the race.

I CAN NOT WAIT until tomorrow afternoon!

I am getting excited about the race tomorrow though. I got up this morning and laid out my clothing and pinned my race bib onto my shirt.

But really while I'm excited about the race, I'm really anxious for it to be tomorrow afternoon already!
Friday, November 28, 2008

Skillet Time

Skillet Trailer

Scott LOVES The Skillet and often talks about having lunch there. Unfortunately the location doesn't always work for us BUT today our schedule and the Skillet location worked out for us!

Day 346 (346/366): Skillet Time

We headed out on a Skillet hunt on the way to pick up my race packet. Yes, I'm running the Seattle Half Marathon on Sunday because I'm insane and it will probably be more of a stumble than a run.


The menu at Skillet was short but filled with delicious food choices. I quickly selected the burger and requested poutine fries on the side. Scott ordered the same.



Seriously it was so good! I can't wait to go back again and now I know why Scott talks about it ALL the FRICKIN' TIME!

The Burger with Poutine

Skillet Street Food
Hours, Locations and Menus can be found on the Skillet Website.
From the Skillet Street Food Website, the concept: "We buy old Airstream Trailers, and outfit them so that they have a full commercial kitchen. We then go out to local office parks, events, farmers markets and provide impeccably executed and seasonably relevant bistro style food. Our market is people who really like food, and who appreciate food. Our goal is seattle first, the west coast/world second."
Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!


My Mom assigned me the task of making a Cherry Pie and I do love me some pie making. I purchased beautiful frozen cherries from Remlinger Farms even though they were a few more dollars than the other ones because I wanted this pie to be perfect!

Burnt Edges

I really should have listened to my gut that told me to put aluminum foil around the pie edges but I didn't so the edges got a bit (ok a lot) burnt! However the pie was so frickin delicious and the burnt edges were easily removed. Next time though, I'm listening to my littler baker's voice, it is always right.

Oh and I'm going to continue to make all my pies from the book, Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie! It has helped me make the most perfect pies!
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Great Wednesday!


Today was a pretty good gosh darn day! I'm a very happy person, I admit it but in my defense, I'm not a Merry Sunshine person. I'm just someone who is easily made happy.

And today made me happy!

Work let us out early at 2 p.m. and so I bustled myself down to the storage unit to get my Christmas goodies out. Since I was living with my parents for a few years, my Christmas things have been locked up but this year they will be out for display!

Once I got home, I went for a easy jog and was having so much fun that I went a half mile longer than planned. I only headed inside because it was getting cold, COLD and I had to pee.

Now I'm making a cherry pie and baking bread while feeling pretty happy about my day.
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