Friday, April 17, 2015

The 100 Day Project

100 Days of Swatching

On April 7th (a day late), I dove into the 100 Day Project with 100 Days of Swatching. It fits nicely in with my goal of completing the TKGA Master Knitting Level 1 project.

I'm a day late but I'm jumping in with the #100daysproject! I'll be doing 100 days of swatching which corresponds with my goal of completing the TKGA Master Knitter 1 program. #100daysofswatching

The basic premise is to make something everyday for 100 days. I decided on swatching because I need to submit 17 perfect swatches for the TKGA Master Knitting Level 1 project and I've found that repetition leads to better knitting for me. I calculated that I need to do 5 swatches for each perfect swatch which will give me 85 swatches and leaves me with 15 swatches to do however I see fit. I've already done 3 swatches of my 15 for fun and have been concentrating on knitting up swatch #1 this week. I'm currently working on the 5th one. I'm hoping one of them feels perfect to me. 

5:14 pm Swatching while the girls eat dinner #adayinthelifephotochallenge #100daysofswatching

I'm documenting my efforts on Instagram and keeping an album on Flickr.  I'm using the hashtag #100daysofswatching along with the group hashtag of #100daysproject. Check out the other projects under that second hashtag. Some of the projects are quite intensive and all of them impress me. 

Inspiration #fmsphotoaday #100daysproject #100daysofswatching

Other misc. details: Most of my swatches are being knit in Cascade 220 Ivory. It's what I'm using to submit my watches for TKGA as it fits nicely into their requirements. It also shows off knit stitches in an exceptional way. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pinterest Thursday - Glitter Jars

This week has been Spring (No) Break for us so I've been busy thinking of fun craft activities that we can do. While searching Pinterest, I found this fun Glitter Jar activity and I luckily had everything on hand! I found an old salsa jar and decided to spray paint the lid to dress things up. Molly loved watching me spray the paint and really wanted to get involved. I was a bit apprehensive about giving a can of spray paint to my 3 year old though. 

The kids love shaking the jar and watching the glitter settle. I had Molly select the figurine for the inside. She has a ton of small toys. The first two she tried were too big though but we finally settled on this funny looking dog. I then glued the dog to the lid and had Molly had glitter to the jar. We poured in water and glued the lid onto the jar. It was a very easy process and would have taken less than 10 minutes if I hadn't spray painted the lid. 

Here are the directions from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. They have a ton of fun DIY projects. 

Photo Credit: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings
Wednesday, April 15, 2015

C-Section Mamas, 100 Days of Summer and Ann Patchett's Musings are this Week's Links Around the Web!


Three Truths about C-Section Mamas This beautiful article says all that needs to be said to c-section mamas. You have to be brave and strong to lie on the table as doctors and nurses whirl around you getting ready for surgery as your husband waits anxiously in the hallway. Scott said he thought he was going to pass out while waiting. I felt strangely calm but I think that is because I knew the birth wasn't going to be the hard part. The hard part is when you meet your baby and then you have to really become that brave and strong mama.

7 Things Good Mothers Do That I'm Not Going to Do Anymore Word.

100 Days of Summer! Doesn't this sound like fun? I'm in!

Ann Patchett's musings on Gourmet, the magazine and her time spent there.

These are the cutest!

Milk & Honey Popsicles!
Tuesday, April 14, 2015


We went to the park this morning. Molly ran around with her friend and Maggie did her best to keep up. She took her time warming up though. First she hung out with the mamas before deciding to emulate the big kids. 

It wasn't until we were on the slide structure that her true daredevil side came out. She took a tumble at one point, cried and then shook it off before re-tackling the stairs. She went down the twisty slide that scared Molly's friend (and rightfully so, it's tall and twisty and a wee bit scary). Once down, she toddled back to do it again. 

I love her carefree spirit even as my heart lurches in fear. I love that she giggles when I swing her too high. I'm thrilled when she tries something new out. My little daredevil. I hope she keeps adventure in her heart, for always. 
Monday, April 13, 2015

Tulip Fields Forever


We headed to the Tulip Fields yesterday. I had visions of sweet photos of the girls in the fields, much like my friend, Kelsey took. I envisioned photos of sweet sisterly love. Kids frolicking through the tulips.




Maggie had other plans. She did her best to alternate between extreme happiness and utter tragic sadness within mere seconds of each other.




Molly had her own plans for the tulip fields and went in search of mud. Luckily for us, there was little mud in the fields yesterday.




It was a beautiful day though and we had a wonderful time visiting the tulip fields. They were truly a gorgeous sight.


Our day was made even more perfect with a stop at Snow Goose for some ice cream!



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