Monday, August 25, 2014

Eight Months with Mag-Pie (and Thirty Five weeks with Chicken Nugget)



You have been my bright spot through one of the hardest months of my life. You have unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) started sleeping with us in bed at night. You fit right in the crook of my arm and your Dad says that we snore in rhythm together. Just a few nights ago though we started the transition to your crib in your room with Molly. So far the past three nights you have woken up around 1 a.m. and ended up back in our bed. Slow and steady wins the bed war, right?

Crawling and pulling up are your big motor skill this month. You are so fast now and can quickly crawl from the den to the kitchen for a taste of your new favorite food, cat food, in the blink of an eye. I really don't know the allure of the cat food but you giggle every time I pull you away from the dish and tell you, No.


You continue to stalk Kato the cat and love petting him. You are learning what the word, Gentle means and poor Kato is enduring your learning process. 


You are anxious to start walking and are a cruising everywhere. You have a route around one ottoman, past the sofa to the other ottoman. Each day you get stronger and more dare devilish! You also keep finding your way into the bathroom and once ended up in the bathtub before I knew what had happened. I'm guessing your sister had something to do with that big adventure. 


You and your sister love playing together even though she is a bit rough with you. It's been fun watching the two of you form a relationship and I can not wait to watch it grow even more. You are a joy and the happiest baby I know. We are so lucky to have you in our lives and family. 


I'm excited to see what your next grand adventures will be. Will you walk soon or finally get a tooth? Where are those darn teeth? Until they arrive, we'll continue loving your gummy smile!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Wednesday Links from Around The Web 8.20.2014


Life is slowly getting back to a new normal. We miss my Dad every day but as I cross things off the HUGE to do list, I'm finding a bit of time to explore the Web. Here are a few things I found interesting this week. 

How to find your perfect bra mind-blowing

Kid approved lunchbox ideas These look delicious!

Instagram VS Reality I'm so guilty of this.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thirty Four Weeks with Chicken Nugget

Maggie - 34 weeks

Maggles is the life of the party! She's full of smiles and joy. She's really been making these last few weeks so much easier. This week, Maggie has really started experimenting with standing and cruising. She likes to make a circuit round the ottomans in the Den. The little dare-devil likes to also take one hand off and try to balance. 


We spent some time last week with friends who were in town from LA. We visited the Zoo and the Children's Museum with them. It was Maggie's first visit to the Children's Museum and I think she wanted to check everything out. It was too stressful for me though because Molly kept running off and disappearing. I was pretty certain I had lost her forever twice. That might need to be a two parent museum in the future. 


Maggie has really moved into finger foods this week. She's so over purees even though I try to feed them to her (because I made a lot and they are taking up room in my freezer!). She tried sweet potato 'fries', watermelon spears, cantaloupe cubes, cooked apples, puffs and oatmeal blueberry muffins just this week. 


We also found a new place for my Mom and Maggie was passed around to all the residents. The Marketing Director has a special love for her. I keep saying that I'll drop Maggie off for babysitting and I don't think the director knows how serious I am. I am excited about my Mom's new place. She moves in a few weeks but I think it is going to be great! The girls are excited about it so that is good. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thirty Three Weeks with Chicken Nugget

Maggie - 33 Weeks

I took this week's photo a day late. We held my Father's Graveside and Church services over the weekend and the weekly photo was a wee bit late. We held a Hawaiian Celebration of Life for my Dad so Maggie is wearing her Hawaiian garb in honor of her Poppa and her monster is sporting a lei.


This week, Maggie started cruising around the furniture which might mean early walking which also means batten down the hatches! Maggie also had a cold so the last few nights have been rooooooough. The poor thing is so congested and sad. Maggie attended her first Amazon picnic and quickly found some sand to eat.


It was another busy week of driving around town, running errands and getting important tasks down but this week looks easier. I'm hoping the girls can spend more time playing and less time riding in the car. 

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Thirty Two Weeks with Chicken Nugget


Maggie was a champ with all the different people who watched her this last week. She stayed her usual happy self through the sadness that engulfed the rest of the family. Her giggles and smiles kept me sane.


Maggie discovered cat food this week and has developed a love for it, just like her sister. I think there must be something about crawling and where the cat food is located that equals true love. Maggie has also been eating sweet potatoes and watermelon like crazy. She loves them so much.


Maggie has been waking up a bit during the night and we don't know why! A friend suggested the 9 month sleep regression even though it would be early but it makes sense to me. Maggie's crawling has picked up speed and if you leave the room for a minute, she is sure to follow you while crying and crawling fast. Maggie has also started stealing her sister's toys which causes her sister to scream and yell.