Thursday, September 29, 2005
Cafe Knitting

Last night after work I headed home to play ball with Jessie. Andi arrived home shortly after 6 p.m. and Jessie and I headed over to bother Roux. Andi's friend was over and kindly offered me a glass of wine while Jessie tried to engage Roux in some play time. Unfortunately Roux is feeling a bit under the weather and will need surgery to correct a spinal issue. He's a trooper though and I know he will do well! (He'd better!)

After visiting over at Roux's house, I headed over to Cafe Zoka for some quality knitting time with Julie (NOT Zubin's mom, another Julie, I like to populate my life with Julies as they tend to be fun). We knit from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. when the cafe closed. Along the way, Julie finished her felted bag and I finished the sleeves for Trellis.

Here is Jessie helping me take the photo of my Trellis sleeves!

Here they are, dog free!

I also made great progress on Ronnie.

I suspect the back will be completed very, very shortly.

When I arrived back at Jessie's place, I decided the smart thing to do would be to cast on for the front of Trellis and then to start reading a new book. Thereby guaranteeing that I would not fall asleep until almost 1 a.m. Getting up at 6:30 a.m. this morning was quite painful!
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Getting My Knit On

It seems that my starteritis is finally starting to turn on me. Every night this week I've been deligently working on my projects and last night it finally hit me, if I was just working on ONE project, I'd have something to show for myself. Instead, I've been knitting 4 rows here, 2 rows there and as you can see below, I don't have much progress to report on.

Ronnie is edging along and I suspect the back will be finished tonight or tomorrow. I'm meeting a friend for coffee this evening and while I really need to work on Trellis, I need something simple to knit on when catching up with friends.

I also visted Elliot Bay Books last night to listen to Paul Anderson, Author of Hunger's Brides. It was an intimate group that gathered to hear him read and he was WONDERFUL to listen to. I called my Dad after the reading and told him that people were missing out by not attending last night. I started this colossal piece of work on Monday night and if I hadn't been so tired, I would have stayed up half the night reading. This book will be great for knitting and reading! While large, it has been bound in such a way that it lies flat when you open it. Thereby becoming a great book to read while knitting.
Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm dogsitting again. This time for a new pup. Well kinda a new pup, I'm dogsitting for Roux's neighbor which is strange in a way. I can see Roux's house but I'm not WITH Roux. And somehow I never heard a peep out of Roux last night, maybe I'm the only one who lets him roam around the front yard barking but his Mom doesn't. Jessie on the other hand did start a bark fest this morning at 5:45 a.m.! She quickly came in though when I yelled from the bedroom to come back in. Whew!

She's a cutie and so little! It is strange to be watching something that only weighs 20 pounds. I'm just so used to the big dogs. Tonight, Miss Jessie and I will attempt running together. She tried to run me last night on our walk so I know she'll be stellar.

Monday, September 26, 2005
Weekend Tri-ing

Saturday morning awoke with an 8-mile run (ended up quite sweaty!), signed up for the Seattle Half Marathon (only way I’m going to actually do a race this year!) and headed down to Black Diamond to see LeAnne of Curious George Knits competing in the Pacific Crest Half Ironman. After getting lost in Black Diamond (I know how is THAT possible), I found parking and hiked into the park.

As I arrived, I consulted with a volunteer about how the bikes were lined up in the transition area. I had arrived in the middle of the bike portion and I wanted to know if I had missed LeAnne. He didn’t have a way of telling whose bike was where so I decided to peek into the area and see if I could find her bike. As I was starting to spy, LeAnne came bursting into the area and I screamed her name quite loudly. She turned and smiled and got down to business. She flew out and onto the run course. I told the volunteer that I had found LeAnne and he spotted her running out. His comment, “Wow! Look at those muscles! That is one strong lady!” I agreed and said she was SUPER!

So I felt good, I had seen LeAnne but now the waiting began. I was smart though and brought my knitting to keep me company. I knew LeAnne had 13.1 miles to run and even though she’s fast, it still meant at least a two hour wait.

I used the time to knit, scout out the vendor tents and explore the swim area. I learned though eavesdropping, that participants had to swim this course TWICE! It looked quite long if you only had to swim it ONCE!

Look way in the back there at that small orange speck, that is where they curved around the course to the start.

And eventually my wait was rewarded. LeAnne came bursting out of the trees (and I apologize for the bad photos here but I was EXCITED!)

LeAnne’s daughter was also excited and ran with her to the sweet, sweet finish.

I cheered at the finish and though LeAnne said she was tired, she looked strong! It was fantastic finally getting the chance to meet in person and LeAnne, you were AWESOME!

After a winding drive home down the country roads and back to the city, I headed over to Octoberfest with Julie and Eric. We met up with some other friends and tasted some heavenly delights. Oh I love the beer. Pure delight.

Sunday was my last concert at the Chateau. Robert Plant was the performer and his manager warned us that his fans are fanatics! I was placed at the center of the stage (my usual position) and for a majority of the concert, people were cool. As the songs got louder, the crowd began pushing. I began to worry about being crushed and had to get up on the stage for the last song. Other security guards were trying to stop the shoving but self-preservation kicked in and I knew sitting on the stage in front of Robert Plant was my best bet. I’m sure he loved sharing the stage with me!

So today, my back is a bit sore and my arms are tired but it was a lively way to end the season and my weekend.
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
The Man With A Hook For An Arm

Tonight after running 4 miles with Julie and Zubin, I decided to stop by Third Place Books on my way home to see if the newest Harlot book was in stock. I headed over toward the knitting section and as I began to glance around the shelves, my phone rang. It was my brother, the alarm company had called him.

The house alarm was going off and no one was home to turn it off. At first I thought that someone had forgotten to turn off the motion sensor and that Destiny had set off the alarm. I told my brother that I would head straight home and promised not to go in if any looked "creepy". I called my Dad on the way there and got ahold of him. I let him know that the alarm company had called and that I was heading home. I also let him know that the police were on their way due to a call from the alarm company. I arrived home and since nothing looked creepy and I had my Dad on the phone, I headed in. Nothing was different and the door which had set off the alarm was locked. I hung up with my Dad and called my brother.

My brother quickly reminded me that while you may grow up and your relationship with your siblings can mature, it can also quickly revert to childishness. He asked me if I had checked the garage and I said I wasn't going to since the murderer could be in there. He said I needed to check and that he would remain on the phone with me in case I was murdered (so very helpful of him!). Then he said, "What if the Man With A Hook For An Arm is in there?" And right there, I told him I was going outside and wainting for the police. A very nice and cute officer showed up and checked out the garage for me. Luckily the Man With A Hook For An Arm had already departed and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. BUT I won't be forgetting the fear my brother introduced and THERE WILL BE PAYBACK!

And so now to bring relaxation into my life, I shall be knitting and enjoying Lost since I prefer my spooky encounters to remain on the television and not in my garage.
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Only In Seattle

Seattle now has a man-made floating island gracing one of it's many bodies of water. Last night drivers heading home across the 520 bridge called 911 when they saw the island, thinking that they were seeing an overturned car floating next to the bridge. I think this is great if a bit boring for the performers!

Only in Seattle...
Friday, September 16, 2005
Finally, El Fin!

After many years, I have finally finished my first sweater, well the first one I started, I seem to have finished a few other sweaters in between the start of this one and its completion. This sweater had me dragging my feet every which way. First I stared the hood about 3 years ago and then put it aside for almost 9 months. Then I knit up the sleeves and let it linger again before racing through the front and back. Once all the parts were knitted up and blocked, I let it sit in the seaming pile for 5 months before I forced myself to knit this beauty up. Now why did I fight it so much?

Manos through the years...

Sleeve Island

Almost knitted!

Got the main parts done!

Blocking in the wind

Ahhhhh....Now if only real Fall weather could blow in so I could wear this creation!
Finishing Surprises

Last night I arrived home after an uneventful run around Queen Anne and quickly located a present from my Secret

Inside was a delight!

There was beautiful yarn, ring markers, an awesome knit gauge ruler (I've tested it out already and love it!) and a wonderful present for Miss Destiny. It is a pole with a fuzzy something attached to the end, like a fishing pole, which you stick on a window. I quickly stuck her present to the sliding glass door and Destiny came running in from outside to investigate.

In fact she spent most of the night hunting her prey and refusing lap time. I'd have to say this was a hit!

I also finished one of my Calmer Socks and it is delicious to wear! Now my other foot needs a sock to keep it warm.

Thursday, September 15, 2005
The Sock, She Grows

Please excuse the unpainted toes, I have knitting to get done!

It is amazing to me how using a thicker yarn for a pair of socks means that knitting said socks takes less time! And I have the pictures to prove it! I've been knitting on my Striped Calmer socks on and off for the past few days. I started on Sunday and now on Thursday morning, I am near completion on the first sock. Amazing! Usually a pair of socks will take me months but not this pair, I suspect if I keep the focus (which is really hard) that I'll have a finished pair of socks to wear around the house by Sunday. Andthese will be perfect for keeping the cool Fall weather at bay.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Stripity Socks

On Sunday night after visiting the yarn store (gift card in hand!) and staring at my new Calmer book, I decided to cast on for some Rowan Calmer Socks. The luscious feel of the yarn felt yummy against my hand as I knit.

Last night at Ferals, Ryan taunted me about the size of my new gorgous Calmer socks so I did what any other insane knitter would do -- I flicked off my shoes and promptly placed that sock on my foot and my foot on the table!

It fit and shut Ryan down. Well for a bit, then she found something else to taunt me about. I love that Ryan.

The Ferals also assisted me with finishing my Manos Sweater! Photos to come soon! Just in time for fall and a few days ahead of my self-imposed schedule --- I have a FO!
Sunday, September 11, 2005
Fall Running and Knitting

Fall is in the air and dreams of running (and knitting) are alive within me. On Saturday, Julie and I met up for our weekly long run. We were scheduled for 6 miles but only accomplished 5 miles (which turned out to be a good thing).

The rain was lightly coming down as we started our run out along Lake Washington Blvd. We remarked about how the Fall weather was showing its true form and that we would need to get used to running in the rain again. Julie warmed up and began running ahead of me, forming our usual running pattern. Julie runs faster than me and so I use this fact to keep my speed up. If I lose sight of Julie, it means I need to amp up the speed.

We reached our turn around point -- the cafe where all th e bike racers meet on Saturday before and after their rides -- and began the run back to our warm, dry cars. Julie and Zubin were ahead of me and I noticed that they didn't slow on the hill. My leg was paining me (after an all night cramp session!) but I kept the pace up for as long as I could. About 2/3 of the way up the hill, I had to walk. Around that point, the heavens decided to really open up and let it all out.

The rain got me running again. It didn't matter which way I turned my head, the rain was pelting me. I ran past the house with the security alarm going off and through the Seattle Tennis Club, down the road where Zubin's poop bag had been left (yes, I grabbed it on the way back for disposal) and met Julie under the eve at the Bank.

My pants were so soaked by then, I was clutching at the waistband for fear of them falling down, causing me to moon the fine citizens of Seattle. Julie and I laughed and said we didn't even end up this wet in the shower. After grabbing towels from our cars and patting down, we headed home with a sense of accomplishment -- 5 miles DONE in the rain.

As for the knitting, there is a near complete WIP on the way here. I just have one part with lots of questions, but I know the Ferals will straighten me out tomorrow night.
Friday, September 09, 2005
Falling toward the weekend

Though this work week was only 4 days, I feel like I crammed about 7 days worth of work in, with still more to get done. It's been a busy time but I've accomplished quite a bit (and that is the part I shall choose to dwell on).

Tonight I will join a friend at her house for some wine and knitting. Then once we've had enough of that, we are planning on heading over to a local pub for a friend's birthday celebration. Now that is falling into the weekend!

Earlier this week, I received an email from Momma M. She had a surprise for me and BOY was it one! Momma M loves the knitting but now it appears that she also loves the Alpacas! She loves them so much, she's purchased two! They'll be housed at a farm near her place and while she lives far away, I do look forward to meeting them one day.

Aren't they just the CUTEST!?!

Photo Stolen from Momma M

Hmmmmm, I wonder if Momma M will be taking up spinning now?

Here's to a great weekend for everyone!
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Presents, More Trellis and Knitting Avoidance

My friend Julie recently moved into a new house with her boyfriend and I wanted to get them a little something to commemorate the move. I visited a cute shop near my work named "George" and inside I found the perfect gift.

His name is "Scooter" and for someone as dog obsessed as Julie, this was the perfect present. These little guys are hand painted and while some open to hold tealights, Scooter has wheels for those much needed fast get-aways. As a bonus, he is also anatomically correct.

In the knitting arena, I knitted up storm on the Trellis sweater last night.

Sleeves were started and happiness was abundant untill I glanced over at the seaming pile.

There is much to be done here.

One whole sweater to be seamed, sweater parts that need be to knitted to go with finished sleeves and fronts for a baby sweater back.

So I did the next logically thing, I worked on this.

Maybe I'll get started on the sweater seaming this evening. Yep, that is the new plan.
Monday, September 05, 2005
Climbing the Trellis

If I hadn't been busy working most of this weekend, I would have more to report on the Trellis Sweater. I did manage to get a few rows in but otherwise I have little progress to show.

Others though have much to show for thier work. Larissa has finished Trellis for her sweet son. Felicia is also busy knitting her Trellis in the same color as Alison. A beautiful sweater for sweet babies!

Now that is nice to see with all the other news in the world today.
Thursday, September 01, 2005
Trellis Update

I've been plugging away at Trellis in my spare time this week (which has been scarce) and mentioned to Karen that I had made a mistake.

And Karen, being the master knitter she is, suggested the I rip back and use double pointed needles to make the fix. I knew it had to be done but I was scared to do this! What if I messed up and had to re-knit? That would have caused the sweater for Baby Ethan to be tossed aside and screaming to have occured. Since I didn't have any double-pointed needles in the correct size, I ended up using some circular needles.

Luckily no screaming occurred and no sweater tossing happened, though there was a little bit of teeth nashing. In the end though, there was success! I did end up making a change from the pattern and just did the center pattern in seed stitch. I think it looks good and my only concern will be remembering what I've done for the remainder of the back.

PS Check out the Katrina button over there --------> Thanks to Susan and Margene for doing this!
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