Thursday, February 26, 2004
Off to Hawaii

Time for Hawaii and relaxing on the beach in between working. Knit lots for me while I'm gone!

Monday, February 23, 2004
Madly Knitting, Madly Running

Saturday awoke as a bright, crisp sunny day. It was also the day of my 10-mile run. Such a perfect day! Such a great run! Well 9 miles of it was fantastic. That last mile almost did me in. The chant in my head became a drone of "almost there, almost there, almost there" as I rounded Greenlake. A Venti (HUGE!) Soy Chai was my reward. The smooth velvet taste did wonders for me. This Friday is my 8-mile run. Then I'm off to Hawaii to work at a conference for a week!

This weekend I also finished the Hot Water Bottle Cozy and started a second one. I want one with more stripes! I should have thought ahead on the first one but now I'll have different cozies! I also whipped up a gear shift cover replacement for Zubin's mom. When Julie first got Zubin, he chewed on her gear stick (is that what they are called) and left it a bit rough. She put a glove over the handle and decided to handle the situation but then her car was broken into and all they took was the glove and a bottle of bleach! Crazy thieves? While we were running one day she mentioned the burglary to me and I thought of making her a gear stick cover. Well that was about a year ago and the cover is getting sun bleached and old. Time for a new one! I love making these because they make me laugh and are actually quite useful. I could see using one if you live in a cold place and park outside, sorta like a steering wheel cover!

I'll have pictures of both really soon. I need to take photos of my lovely creations!

Now I need to go and think about Hawaii and my stripey Hot Water Bottle Cozy! I'll leave you with a picture of Brugge from my trip last March.

Friday, February 20, 2004
Knitting Avenger

Yesterday I started another knitting project. This one is ok though since I'm almost done with it! I've been working on Rachael's BAWK - Hot Water Bottle Cozy design. It is so cute! I'm making it out of Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran yarn in four scrumptous colors. The cozy will be a total of 18 inches long so I've done stripes in 4 inch increments. I probably should have stripped more but that will be on my next one! I did taupe (102) for the first 4-inch piece, then lavender (603), then mauve (604) and finally dark eggplant (612). So yummy! This yarn has got to be my second favorite after Rowan Polar. It's so soft and comes in wonderful colors.

OK pictures once this is complete! I've only got 4 inches to go on the neck!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Loving This!

During the Christmas season, I purchased a great "Exercise Journal" as a present for myself. It's part of THE GIRLS series and I just love the artist. How can you not get excited about journaling and exercising when you have a book that looks like this!

My only current sadness is that I didn't buy more than one. The store I bought them at are all sold out but I do hold out hope that I'll find another one soon. I'm having so much fun writing in it, that I do it everyday! It also helps keep me honest on what I eat.

I also love this image by the same artist. (sorry can't remember her name but I LOVE her work!)

If only she had a Knitting Girl! Now that would be fantastic!

Monday, February 16, 2004
Rain, Running and Knitting

I've been dogsitting Zubin again and we've been having a grand time. Saturday we went for an 8-mile run. This time it was a bit easier since we went with a friend who is a beginner runner. She's doing great and I can't wait to see her complete the Vancouver 1/2 Marathon which coincidentally falls on her 30th birthday. So on the day that she enters her 3rd decade, she'll prove to herself that she is crazy by running 13.1 miles. I can't wait!

Our run on Saturday was quite pretty. It started at Greenlake and went down to Gasworks park along the Burke Gilman before cutting through the University of Washington (so many stairs) and ending along Ravenna.

I was just reading Stella's Blog and I was chuffed to see that my running inspired her to go to the gym! Yea for us! Excercise can be such a mood lifter but then again one does need to know when to rest. Too much of anything can make one cranky!

Since I ran on Saturday, I took Sunday off and knit on some UFO's. I worked on a Baby hat made with Cascade Fixation. It's so cute but it's on the tiniest needles (2's) and so I have to have patience with this project. I'm going to love the finished product and I think I know which baby will get this. One of the ladies in my running group just had a baby so the hat will be perfect for the little one on our runs. I also sorted through some of my other UFO's and will be tackling those in short order.

Today I planned to do a quick 30 minute jog with Zubin. He was so looking forward to it. In fact, right now he's sitting at the door wanting to go out again. Well we headed outside and it was POURING down rain! Then the wind kicked in and after 15 minutes of sideways rain which drenched me, I decided to pack it up and head back home. We did 25 minutes but it was miserable. I'm just glad it is done and the shower afterwards was heavenly.

Now I'm going to enjoy this holiday (ok so everyday is a holiday for me) by reading a trashy romance novel and watching some decorating shows. Ahhhh, so nice.

Sorry no pictures today, I'm at a friend's house and I don't have my pictures with me!

Thursday, February 12, 2004
The hunt goes on and on

Today I met up with my former boss for coffee at Starbucks. It was a great time but I realised I am getting tired of job hunting and I'm ready to work! I also had dinner with a collegue from PRSA last night that helped contribute to this realization. So today I've been busy, busy applying for work (as usual) and getting through my to-do list. There was some car washing, pet food buying and other misc. errands to get done. I'm almost through the list and am ready for the next one! This one is sure to include knitting time and yes, more running. I've got an 8-miler coming up on Saturday morning. Since I'm dog-sitting Zubin, he's coming with. Sad part is while I'm running, he usually trots along next to me looking bored!

Destiny is busy exploring the backyard. She's always been an indoor cat with me but seems to really like the outdoors. Since I got her from the Humane Society when she was already two years old, I wonder if she had an outdoor lifestyle before me. Some of the neighborhood cats like to visit the backyard but Destiny will not have it. She almost through herself through the sliding glass door to get to one cat. Made me laugh but I know I wouldn't have been if she had gotten herself in a fight. She'd probably tell them where to go for good though! She's got attitude!

No knitting pics today but I do have Miss Destiny with her knitted mousie!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Apprentice Graduation

My sister-in-law has graduated from apprentice knitter to full-blown knitter. In December she asked me to teach her how to knit and so I did. Her first project was this scarf:

Last night she finished this felted bag which looks fantastic and is going to be very useful as every knitter needs a cute bag to carry thier supplies in. This pattern is from Debbie Stoller's Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook

As for me, last night I finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife which was fantastic. I cried and cried at the end. I highly recommend this book!
Monday, February 09, 2004
Grammy Smammy

Was it just me or were the Grammy's odd last night? I didn't hear a single good song and what was up with all the audio problems! I was especially disappointed since I was looking forward to some good knitting/tv time. The songs distracted me so I didn't knit as much as I wanted to. I did finish Mom's pillow and it's now sitting on her bed awaiting her arrival this evening!

Last summer I made a knitted bikini top and then because I am mean, I made Destiny (the cat) model it. Isn't she the cutest?

So funny
Saturday, February 07, 2004
Time for a Seaming Party

I have about an inch more to knit on Mom's pillow and then let the seaming begin! I'm quite excited!

Check out my new header! I'm still trying to decide if I like it.

Running today was 7 miles, which went well. Now time to rest and knit!

I leave you with Destiny whose wise in the resting ways. She's napping with my yet unfinished pink scarf.

Friday, February 06, 2004
States I've Visited/Lived In

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

This is so much fun! I've been to most of the US and now I have a map to prove it!

I'm about 3/4 of the way through the back of Mom's Pillow. I sense a seaming party will happened this weekend! It will be nice to have a Finished product and to be able to start a new knitting project.

Rachael was nice enough to send me the pattern for her Hot Water Bottle Cozy. So that is ranking high on my next WIP.

I ran again last night and it was very nice. I did the same route as Wednesday but I was 3 minutes slower. I needed that slower pace. It's amazing how much 3 minutes can matter when you run.

Ta'ra for now.
Thursday, February 05, 2004
Sleepy Cat Day

As I've been sitting here job searching, Destiny (le chat) has been sleeping on my bed. She looks so comfortable and has been relaxing for almost four hours. I've never seen a cat sleep so long. I think her morning adventure outside must have exhausted her.

In the knitting world, I'm nearing completion on my Mom's pillow. I've done the front and am about half way through the back. Sorry to say there are no pictures of the project but I plan to have some soon!

Also I've started the Time Traveler's Wife. All I can say so far is get it! Read it! It's great!

OK time for running. again.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004
My First Triathlon

Three years ago when I decided to embark on my triathlon journey, I didn't know I'd end up here. I had always thought about competing in an event such as a triathlon but I really thought it would be too hard so I stuck to 5K's and worked out at the gym. My friend Diana and I had recently met and she convinced me that I could do one so I signed up for the Danskin Triathlon in Seattle with her.

Here I am exiting the water from that very first tri.

And here I am finishing:

What a rush that was! That was the day that the Danskin logo became true for me.

"The Woman who starts the Race is not the same Woman who finishes the Race"

What I discovered that day is I can do anything I put my mind to and what a wonderful discovery that was.

In the end, I believe any woman can complete a triathlon if she really wants to. Anyone can do anything they put their mind too.
Sunday, February 01, 2004
Missed It Again!

I'm so sad! I Heart Rummage was today and I missed it. I so could have stopped by before watching the Superbowl. I was only blocks away. There is next month though and I'm so in!
Superbowl Sunday

It's Superbowl Sunday and I'll be running again! After a nice run and some delicious Chai Tea, I'll be finding a nice bar to watch the game with some friends.

I've been busy making changes to the site. It's not perfect yet but I do love what's happening!
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