Thursday, March 06, 2003
It's my first entry! and my first blog!

I'm off to Amsterdam tomorrow for a week and I'm quite excited. I'll be traveling with a few friends of mine and meeting up with another friend from England. The English friend is just coming for the day but we'll have lots of fun together!

Just got back from New York with another friend, Liz. We went to junior high together and used to beat each other up. Oh we were the best of friends. Well she's married now with two kids and this was her first trip away from her children. She had a stellar time and only missed the kiddos a bit. We made it up to Broadway and saw Caberet with Neil Patrick Harris and Deborah Gibson. Best show ever! Even better because we got the tickets from Half Priced tickets! We waited for an hour in the pouring rain in Times Square but the show all but made up for the soaked rat feeling I had earlier in the day. Poor Liz's feet were killing her by Sunday evening. I swear I heard her whimpering behind me as we moved down Canal Street. I only wished I could have found a taxi to take us back to the hotel!

The conference went great and I ate lunch with Steve Forbes. He was our conference's keynote speaker and his speech was quite educational and entertaining.

I finished knitting the hats for the Amsterdam trip. I'll post pictures of them later. The girls are going to love their little treats! I'm not working on a tea cozy for a friend's birthday. It's coming out great so far. I've knitted almost half of it. Then I'll felt it and cut it up to create the cutest tea cozy ever! I do need to get back to working on my sweater though. I fear it will be summer and I'll still be working on it!

Till later!
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