Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Knitting for my Mum

Self Portrait Tuesday - What I wear Knee Socks
Picture has nothing to do with the post, I just wanted some color and a pretty picture!

Last night I noticed that my Mom's socks were looking a bit rough around the edges. Seriously the heels were about to blow out and the toes have holes. These are socks that I got in the long ago Sock Wars that did not fit my feet correctly BUT they fit my Mom so she won them.

After teasing her about her socks, she mentioned that she didn't get any socks for Christmas (she did get a scarf) and that she really wanted some socks. So today I've spent some time thinking of a sock pattern and sock yarn for the socks I'm going to make for my Mom-a-sun!

Hey I'm easy, if you beg me to knit something for you and you are my Mom, you are probably going to get what you want. Anyhow, she's a nice lady and she deserves to have socks that are not holey and sad-looking on her feet.
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