Friday, May 09, 2008

Being Judgemental

This morning I woke up and did my usual morning thing. I showered, I drank coffee, I watched the Today show.

Along the way they aired a segment about the Duggar family and their 17 children. This family really riles me up. I personally find it incredibly irresponsible to have so many children and guess what, now they are expecting their 18th child!

I sat there and stewed a bit before thinking of all the reasons this family gets me so mad. First of all, I feel so bad for each of these children. They have to schedule ALONE time with their parents. I so treasure the relationship that I have with each of my parents and I know that if I had to share their time with 17 other kids, it wouldn't be as good or as close. Secondly, think of the impact these additional people have on the Earth! I can only hope that these 18 children do not have 18 children of their own or there won't be any room or resources for the few children I would like to have. Thirdly why? would you want so many children? WHY? I love children and I think teaching would be awesome since you'd get to hang out with 15-18 kids during the day but guess what? I would LOVE it when they went home to hang out with their families.

So I'm sitting here today feel quite judgemental and actually not feeling to bad about that judgement. I just can not understand how these parents think at all.
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