Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sir Chomps-a-Lot

Day 203 (203/366): Reaching, Stretching

Today I went back to work after my mini-staycation (I learned that is what a vacation is called when you stay home!). I briskly walked to my bus stop and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine morning. I approached my bus stop with glee. They had mowed and cleared the tall grass! Sir Chomps-a-lot was sure to be gone!

Cleared Bus Stop

I was about 5 minutes early so I lingered a bit by the shelter when I saw HIM! He was still there and taunting me. Well those were the longest 5 minutes of my life. I begged for the bus to come faster! HURRY UP! I was jittery while waiting and couldn't even knit like I had planned.

Sir Chomps A Lot

Then when I got to work I called King County and filed a rat complaint. Sir Chomps-A-Lot, your days are numbered! I have an official complaint number and everything but for some reason I suspect that he'll disappear when they head out there but will re-appear when I go to wait for the bus! Bleh!

On the good side, I hope to have a finished project to show you tomorrow which means I should get off the computer and get back to knitting!
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