Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crabby Baby Pants


My co-worker is pregnant and she's decided to not find out the sex of the child until he/she arrives. Now I love this idea but also found it difficult when I was planning what to make for her new addition.

Luckily a friend suggested the Cargo Pants from Knitty which led me to remember that I had some Rowan All Seasons Cotton laying around and that I had picked up a onesie this Summer at a craft fair (I figure people are always having babies and this one was super cute!). When I pulled out the yarn and the onesie, I was in for another treat! The crab applique on the onesie perfectly matched the color of yarn that I had and they were all pretty uni-sex.


Then I got a third treat, the quickness of this knit! I cast on for this project on Friday at the DMV, I knit most of the first leg while waiting there (oh the torture!) and the second leg that night. I then knit up the remaining bits of the pants on Saturday (my birthday!) and sewed the elastic piece in today. All in all about a 2-day project! I did decide to leave off the pockets but I think they would be adorable on the pants too.

These might become my standard baby knit project. They are just adorable and a bit more of a statement than a hat. I am however going to also knit a hat for this present, I have yarn and time left so I might as well.
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