Monday, February 08, 2010

Things I've learned from a virtual quilting bee

One Shiny Bee Fabrics

I've hooked up with some fabulous ladies in a virtual quilting bee. We're calling it, "One Shiny Bee" and I'm having so much fun. The best part is all the great things I'm learning from this talented group.

Squares for Jocelyn

Lesson #1 - These ladies are crazy talented and provide me with so much inspiration. Seriously, check out this, this, this, this and this!

Wonky Square

Lesson #2 - I obsess and stress too much about being perfect. When someone asks for wonky, just go with it and you'll have the wonkiest block out there and it will BE FUN!

Log Cabin Square

Lesson #3 - Give me a few minutes and I'll whip out a log cabin block lickity split! My lessons from Amanda on this one have really paid off. Now to my little quilting guru teach me other new and wonderful things.

Lesson #4 - Quilting bees are awesome! They give you the chance to try out new techniques without having to do them 18-billion times.

Lesson #5 - It's official, I'm obsessed with the quilting. Oh I'm still obsessed with the knitting too but now I've added quilting to my fold of obsession.
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