Saturday, April 03, 2010

Seven More Days of Being a Singleton

In 7 days, I will be getting married and all of this planning, stressing and hemorrhaging of money will be over with. I'm so excited to be getting married and even more excited that these last seven days will be spent calmly.

If I may brag a bit, I'm done with the planning, all done. All that needs to be done are those last minute details that just can't be done until well the last minute. For instance, I need to drop the programs off at the church but I can't do that until the Rehearsal and so on.

While I am an extremely organized person, the real reason that I'm done with the wedding planning so far in advance (I was done about a week and a half ago) is 100% due to the best iPhone App in the world.


It's called "Bridal Guide" and all I had to do was plug in our wedding date to get a list of "To-Do's". I love a good To-Do list with due dates and all that so this app was perfect. This guide has thought of every little detail and by following it, I didn't miss a beat.


The guide also has a contacts section, a budget guide and a planner section. I didn't use the contacts or budget section much but they were helpful. I especially enjoyed the planner section where different portions of weddings are explained. For instance if I wanted to know more about a groom's cake, the planner quickly explained it for me. (A groom's cake is typically shaped after the groom's interests and are smaller, masculine and usually chocolate.)


So if you are getting married and have an iPhone, RUN and get the "Bridal Guide". It will seriously save your sanity and help you relax in those final weeks before the wedding.
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