Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Palouse Trip Down Memory Lane

Windmill Cabin

This past weekend, Scott and I took a trip to Spokane to visit my family. My Grandpa was unable to attend our wedding because as he put it, he had "the Damn Pneumonia". It was so nice to visit with my Grandpa and his wife (who really should have a better title than step-Grandma because she's been my Grandma for over 28 years). We enjoyed some cold beers in the a/c of their house. Later my aunt and uncle came over for dinner and we ended the evening with a delicious Raspberry pie.

My Grandpa told me stories of the summer that my Mother made over 40 pints of Raspberry Jam and kept sending him out to pick more Raspberries. He showed me photos of him in WW2 and of a lovely girlfriend named Phyllis. We gave him some grief for that. All in all, we had a lovely visit.

Fields of Gold

The next day, Scott and I headed back to Seattle through the Palouse. I went to university in Pullman and since we were so close, I wanted to show Scott where I went to school.

YIIP: Day 204

It's really a lovely place even if it is far, far, far away from most civilization. It was nice to go to school in a place where everyone else is going to school and distractions are hard to find.

Washtucna Grain

As we headed back on Hwy 26, I kept Scott entertained with stories of my drives home during college. About how excited we would get seeing Washtucna Grain because that meant we were only about 45 minutes from Vantage which was where the highway met the interstate.


I told him about singing cheesy Movie Soundtrack songs, having a bird smack against the windshield on one trip (scaring the crap out of me!), being almost blown off the road during a blizzard and bascially having the time of my life.

It was a wonderful weekend.
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