Sunday, February 20, 2011

From dingy to Saffron gold

Entryway closeup

I've been searching for the perfect entryway table for a few months. We don't have a large entryway but we needed something for our keys and the mail, a landing station if you will.

With my very particular parameters and measurements in hand, I dragged Scott all over town from consignment store to thrift store to high-end furniture store. I finally found the perfect vanity at a consignment store by my house. The price was also perfect at $40. The finish on the vanity was not so perfect which was great! I wanted to paint whatever we found and since the finish wasn't in the best shape, I didn't have any guilt painting over it.

Entryway Vanity Before

Of course, once we purchased the entryway vanity, the debate over what color to paint it began. I suggested green. Scott wasn't in love with it. I said RED! He said Nope. I chanted blue, he mumbled ehhh.


Finally we settled on this wonderful Saffron Mustard color. I did get some of my blue though. I painted the inside blue which meant that when the doors are closed there is this tiny sliver of blue that shows. The two colors together make me so happy.

Entryway Vanity

Now I just need to repaint the entryway, hang a photo above the vanity and another "room" will be complete!

 Entry Way Vanity Open

*Please excuse some of the grain-er before photos. I used my iPhone in the dark basement to capture the images.
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