Sunday, June 24, 2012

7 Months with Molly Pop

7 month Molly SEVEN MONTHS! Where does the time go? I swear it was just a few days ago that you were born and now you are almost crawling, sprouting teeth and pulling yourself up onto everything. Ballard Molly This month, you have started rolling and scooting everywhere. You are so, so, so close to crawling. In fact, you have crawled once or twice but since you are not consistent with it, I can't really say that you are crawling. You love rolling around and every night insist on lots of wiggle time before bed. Stacking Toys You've become quite enamored with your toys and love your stacking cups. I've also acquired a standing table that plays lots of music for you. You love music. I play a lot of children's music throughout the day and we dance along to it. "You got to shake those wiggles out!" 7 Months with Molly Unfortunately this month has been terrible for sleep. You are refusing the sleep the night through in your pack 'n play and end up in our bed way more than we'd like. One does not make the best sleep decisions at 4 a.m. when faced with a screaming little lady. Tomorrow night we are moving you to your crib in your own bedroom. I really hope this goes well for everyone's sake. I have a feeling that Pop Pop and I are disrupting your sleep. This move might either be genius or the worst idea ever! Colors! You continue to be super social and love to flirt with strangers. We've been taking you out to eat a lot and you flirt a ton with the waitresses. You are great when we eat out. You sit in the restaurant high chairs and really like it when we give you food so you can eat along with us. Speaking of solid food, you LOVE it! Other than peas, we haven't found a food that you do not LOVE. I really hope that you continue to be a non-picky eater. I won't be holding my breath but one can certainly hope! Molly - 7 Months You are still attending swim lessons and working to be a fantastic water baby. The swim instructor and you have a great time splashing each other. I think by the end of the summer, you are going to be the very best water baby around. Straw Baby You've also begun pulling yourself up onto objects. I was shocked when you started doing this because well it's too early for that kind of behavior but you think it is funny, funny and try to do it everywhere. Your little baby biceps strain with the exertion which makes me giggle. Teeth! And the biggest deal of all is that you have TWO teeth! You are working on the top two teeth too which explains our latest sleep troubles. It's so hard to hear you crying when your mouth hurts. We've been giving you all the soothers and tylenol that you want. You also love chewing on frozen fruit in your feeder as it helps your mouth. Inquisitive Molly We love you Molly Pop!
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