Tuesday, October 13, 2015

21 Months with Mag-Pie

Maggie - 21 Months

Dear Maggie,

You are so very much two even if you are not officially two yet. You have big opinions and a big desire to do everything yourself. You spend a lot of time trying to be like your big sister. 


You've really missed your sister while she's been off at preschool. If you had a choice, you'd stay with her at school and send me on my way. We have been going to co-op preschool once a week which you have really enjoyed. You also go to daycare once a week which leaves two days for us to fill while your sister enjoys her school. We've been busy running errands, hitting up the local tot gym, checking out story time and just hanging out together. It's been nice! 

Maggie's First Day of Toddler Co-Op

You are the bossiest little kid I know! Or should we say full of leadership potential. I enjoy your strong opinions and that you know exactly what you want. You spend a lot of time chastising me for not doing exactly what you want me to do. 

3:31 pm Maggie is up from her nap and pretty darn happy! #adayinthelifephotochallenge

You have an infectious laugh and so many people get a kick out of you. You are a little charmer. You are in a big helper phase which means you like to clean up after yourself, take your dinner plate to the kitchen, carry things, etc. It's awesome and I hope it continues on for a long time. 


We watched some chickens for a friend this month and you are obsessed! You love, love, love chickens. We visited the feed store just so you could get some chicken time in. I've never seen anybody who loves chickens as much as you do. 


You like to tell us to BOP! which means Stop all day long. It makes me laugh. You also like Ba-Ba which means milk and speak a language that sounds a bit like a minion. You are getting more and more understandable though. I'm still keeping an eye on your language abilities but you seem fine. I'm just nervous since I had a speech delay and your sister needed some help. 


You are getting to be such a big girl. You no longer sit in a highchair. You want to use the potty (I am so not ready to potty train you). You aren't too keen on riding in the stroller and want to walk everywhere. We are having so much fun with you! 
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