Friday, June 13, 2003
Triathlon Madness!

OK so I have posted her since June 6 but it seems blogger chose not to post my words! Q. upsetting!

Last night I went to hear Sally Edwards speak about the Danskin Triathlon with my sister-in-law. I love hearing Sally Edwards! She's done over 16 Ironman Tris, 90 Danskin tris, a few eco-challenges and is 54! What an inspiration!

I also nipped into Barnes and Noble to do my Father's Day shopping. Now I just need to get gift wrap and a card! Nothing like waiting until the last minute. My friend was in town this past weekend so there was lots of fun to be had. We spend Saturday at another friend's medical school graduation and then went to the beach to melt in the 92 degree heat before enjoying I Love Sushi! Sunday was a nice brunch and then I worked the Hootie and the Blowfish concert. What a crowd! Wednesday was Vince Gill and I really enjoyed working his show more. The crowd was nicer and the music was actually good! I just don't enjoy Hootie and the Blowfish very much and do prefer Vince Gill!

Knitting Knews! I've about completed Chloe's hat and have been inspired by Knitty! I'm making the bikini top for a friend! Now I just need to get down to the LYS to select some beautiful yarn!

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