Thursday, January 29, 2004
Move Complete!

The move is finally complete. I still have a few items to sort and find homes for but all in all the move is done and it wasn't that difficult.

I even have pictures of the beginning of the move to share! This is my brother sizing up the sizable amount of boxes that needed to be loaded in to the U-Haul truck. Doesn't he look ill at the thought?

Click here to enjoy more!

I've also added some photos of race finishes here.

I received lots of exciting news yesterday.

One, my Grandfather who must have at least 10 laptops has decided to give me one of them. Mind you these are all pretty new and usually are top of the line so I can't wait to receive it.

Second, I've been invited to Hawaii. My best friend's father runs a tradeshow company and needs worker bees at his upcoming show. The only conflict is that I have committed to housesitting for my Mom's boss during the time they need me in Hawaii. Such a dilemma! I'm going to try to find a substitute housesitter and go from there. Such a problem.

I shall have to make a decision regarding Hawaii soon but it's a hard one because I want to go to Hawaii but I also need to honor my committments, especially since it's for my Mom's boss!

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