Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Snow Day!

It's a snow day here in Western Washington and all the news channels are on serious snow alert. It's only snowed a few inches but there is a layer of ice beneath that snow. Also since it never snows here, people are freaking out and sliding all over the roads. The snow is really coming down now!

I'm staying home to knit but that's not too different than what I'd be doing if it wasn't snowing. I did turn in some applications yesterday and will do some more job searching today. This not working thing is getting old though I am getting in a lot of knitting time!

I've started the Chicago Bag designed by Theresa. It's great fun and I'm finding the pattern to be quite easy to read.

I do wonder though if other people have the same issue reading patterns that I do. I simply can not read the pattern all the way through and understand what I am supposed to do BUT if I am knitting while reading the pattern, then I have no problem understanding what is happening.

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