Saturday, February 10, 2007



Hourglass Sweater - Big

This weekend, I accomplished two near impossible tasks. I finished my Hourglass Sweater and my Jellybean Pillow.

For some reason, these two projects had become huge insurmountable tasks for me to accomplish.

Jellybean Pillow Front

I couldn't finish knitting the intarsia and the thought of tacking up the seams on my Hourglass Sweater brought me to tears.

I sat myself down and had a heavy discussion with me. I said that I had to tackle the intarsia and that I had to tack down the seams. Also having Jessica read the instructions to me helped oh so much since I guess actually reading the instructions proved too difficult a task!

Hourglass Sweater - Closeup

After some long nights of knitting, I finished my Hourglass Sweater and my Jellybean Pillow. Sadly for the pillow, the drama was not yet finished. I discovered that I had actually knit the pillow cover too BIG for the pillow form I already had. I knew this was a potential hurdle, thrown up to see if I could take on the task which I did. I laughed in the pillow form's face and purchased a larger one, one that fits my pillow case. Then with the help of Carrie and other Village Yarn and Tea knitsters, buttons were selected and sewn on. Crisis diverted!

Jellybean Pillow Back

5 days until England!
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