Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Harry Potter Deadlines

Harry Scarf After Rippage

Last Friday night after deciding against seeing an outdoor movie in the thundering rain, I sat down with my Harry Potter Scarf and started knitting. Then I kept staring at the one burgundy stripe that was slightly too small. It was too small! I kept measuring and pulling and stretching and still TOO SMALL! So I did what any other Type A knitter does, I ripped back and added more burgundy. It felt good. Then I started back on the yellow stripe.

Last night, Meg and I went to see "Evening" and I took that opporunity to knit on my scarf througout the movie. The movie was beautifully wonderful and now my scarf is much, much longer.

P.S. Is it wise to go see a movie about death that makes you cry when you've already been crying all day about your cat dying? Is it? All I can say is that my eye hurt today but that I'm glad that I saw the movie. It is the kind of movie I love.

Editted to add: Destiny is still alive. I was just crying all day because she will die soon, much too soon for my wishes. We are keeping her comfortable and giving her so much love.
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