Monday, July 02, 2007

July 1, 2007

Yesterday was the first day of July, a new month to conquer, a new time to build memories, a fresh start. I started the day off with a run/walk around Greenlake. My brother's dogs were worn out by the exercise. Then after a bagel at Noah's and coffee with Julie and Eric, I headed back to Bellevue where I watched the Koa (not sure of the spelling) fish in the front pond. They are greedy little creatures when you throw them some fish food and lazy bums when left alone.

I visited Destiny (my cat) yesterday at my parent's house. She is getting skinnier and skinner. She's just flesh and bones with a mean hiss. I'm afraid that she won't be with me much longer. She was my very first pet as an adult (so far the only one I've had) and I often treated her as my baby.

A furry baby but still one I've loved with all my heart. Today we spent time together. At least she still has her attitude which gives my heart pause but sometimes there are things that you know and I just know that my baby won't be with me much longer. I want her to prove that feeling wrong.
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