Thursday, March 27, 2008

Supergirl's Guide to Decluttering

I was watching Oprah last night and she was talking about hoarders which got me thinking about ALL the stuff I have which isn't at a hoarding level but seriously is too much. Due to my move, I have been decluttering lately and I laughingly told a friend that I was going to market my technique. It's a stressful one but it works! I swear!

Day 87 (87/366): Moving Time

Supergirl's 10 Step Guide to Decluttering*

Step 1: Lose your job
Step 2: Look for work for months
Step 3: Finally agree to move back into your parent's house and move most of your belongings into storage
Step 4: Start housesitting a lot and find a job
Step 5: Meet boy and begin dating him
Step 6: Agree to move in with boy who lives in a ONE BEDROOM CONDO
Step 7: Begin emptying out your storage after 4 years.
Step 8: Yell that you have too much CRAP (A LOT)

Day 87 Outtake

Step 9: Donate or sell most of your crap
Step 10: Move belongings in with boy and live happily along.

I'm currently stuck between Steps 8 & 9 but I can see Step 10 coming along shortly. It's actually quite freeing to be getting rid of so much stuff. I still have way more than the boy thinks is necessary but I've gotten rid of so much so I feel pretty darn good.

*This is a MULTI-YEAR project that may take 3 or more years to accomplish.
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