Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Wonders

CWD: Still Indirect

This is my favorite photo from the weekend. A weekend filled with sunshine, delightful company and relaxation.

On Saturday, Scott and I stopped by a restaurant called, "Persimmon" where we had delightful sandwiches in the most colorful restaurant. We then proceeded to walk to the bus but ran into one of Scott's co-workers along the way. He has one of the coolest houses, one that I've stared at for years! We then headed to Greenlake to walk Mr. Zubin since his owners are out of town for the weekend. I told Scott that I couldn't imagine being a car on such a day so we walked and bused it. Later that night we attended a wonderful dinner party at my Fremont Friend's house.

Today, Meg and I took a BAT ride to the Ballard Market and then to University Village. We did a few errands and had a wonderful bike ride in the sunshine. I then spent the rest of the day inside knitting and catching up on life. I may possibly be ready for work tomorrow but I think if it is as beautiful tomorrow as it is today, I will be hard pressed to focus on anything but the sun shining outside.
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