Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You Call This Summer?

Tree Branch Stuck in My Wiper Blades

It's been a rainy June so far for Seattle. It is wet and grey that I can feel depression creeping in due to so much rain. The weather has even begun to keep me from being outside.

Last night I was going to walk to PurlyGirls for knitting until the wind and rain kept me away. I decided to just drive the 1.5 miles from my house to knitting. I know this is stupid. It's 1.5 miles and while there is one hill involved, it is a very nice walk. But it is a horrible walk in the rain and wind. So I decide to drive and as I pull up in front of the Blue Star Cafe, the sun appears. I did not find that funny. Of course my decision was re-inforced as I drove home in a wind storm with garbage cans blowing across the street.

This morning I came out to my car and saw branches all over the road. I quickly got into the car and drove up to Hwy 99 where I saw that I had a tree branch stuck in my wiperblades. I ended up driving the 8 miles to work with this tree branch on my windshield. Ughhh!

And to think on the East Coast, they are suffering from 100 degree weather. It just doesn't seem that any of us are catching a break.
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