Monday, December 22, 2008


Fremont at 9 am
Seattle is still covered in snow, so much snow!

The Bus Tunnel

While I had scheduled some vacation days around Christmas, I was supposed to work today and tomorrow. However getting there today was more difficult that I imagined. I took the bus with Scott downtown. That took about an hour with the walking to the stop, waiting for the bus and riding it in. I kissed Scott goodbye and headed down to the bus tunnel to wait for the 174 since my usual bus route had been suspended.

Downtown Streets

I thought the bus tunnel would be warmer than the surface street but I was so wrong! It was freezing down there. I waited about 40 minutes and when the bus didn't show up, I decided that if getting in was taking so long, what would it be like getting home? I made the decision to give up and headed over to Scott's office where I entertained myself with some knitting while he did some work. We then grabbed a bit to eat before waiting an hour for another bus to take us home.


Tomorrow looks like it will be another icy commute to work, one which I wonder if I'll be able to make!

I love snow but I think it is time for this snow to leave us!

Bus Tunnel Ceiling
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