Thursday, May 07, 2009

Owl Obsession


My Owl obesession started innocently enough. Someone at work gave me this little Owl candle and I named him Owen (that's my Grandfather's name too!).

Ollie and Owen

Then Owen the Owl was joined by Ollie the Owl Mug at my desk.

Close-up Owls

Now I've started knitting Owl sweaters!


I do have to say that this wee little vest is turning out super cute. I've been on a deadline to get it knitted up this week since it is for a friend who is allergic to cats. Luckily for her and for me, I'm dog-sitting this week which provided me with the perfect opportunity. She is still a bit allergic to dogs but I've keep it far away from the dog and dog surfaces. Also this house is why tidier than my house so any loose dog hairs are few and far between whereas at my house, the cat fur flies!

Nearly Complete Owls

Tonight I'll finish up the arm holes, weave in some ends and block this baby up. Then I'll take it to a friends house for pet-free storage and wait for the baby shower.
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