Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Said YES!

We're engaged!

Scott and I arrived in Honolulu on Friday. We spent the day exploring the beach and taking photos before heading back to our room to cool down. For dinner, we had a delicious sushi dinner at a local restaurant and then scurried back to our hotel due to a rain storm. Scott really wanted to head to the beach but I resisted due to the rain. I was getting quite wet and I envisioned having wet sand stuck to my pants. At this point, I had no clue about his plans, I just knew that he really loves the beach.

The next day I woke up early (as I do in Hawaii) and planned where we would eat lunch and dinner. has some great suggestions and both the places we tried were wonderful. I then decided that we would walk over to the Ala Moana Shopping Center. I wanted to give us a cool place as our destination. Scott's ears perked up when I told him there was a beach right across the street.

After a long, meandering walk (labeled a Death March by Scott) we arrived at Ala Moana. We cooled off, had some cold drinks and then headed over to the beach. Scott began mumbling about finding the perfect palm tree with the perfect shade. I just wanted some shade but decided to play along with him.

It took awhile but Scott found his perfect tree and it even had a lovely bench in which to rest at. We watched the surfers for some time and then Scott asked me if I liked the location, if I found it to be memorable. I quipped, well I think it could be memorable, it depends on what you do.

Scott then told me a wonderful story about the time right before he met me and how when he met me, he knew I was just what he was looking for. Then he gave me a velvet pouch with a beautiful ring. I made him ask me the question and he did. I said Mmmmhmmm to which he made me say the words, Yes. We like clarity in this relationship! I put the ring on my finger and kissed my fiancee (OMG! FINANCEE!). We looked out at the ocean again and saw a sea turtle swimming right below us. We are calling that a blessing and really this engagement is a blessing.

If it's possible, my Mom might be more excited than either of us and we meet up with my parents later today in Kauai. I told Scott to be prepared for lots of hugging and squeezing.

So far, I'm really enjoying this Hawaii trip!

The only downside is that due to our excitement, we both forgot to re-apply sunscreen and are a bit toasty. I have raccoon eyes from wearing sunglasses - it is quite the sight!
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