Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hawaii Bandit


As I packed my knitting for Hawaii, I thought long and hard about what to bring. I knew that I needed something for the 6+ hour plane ride there and the one home but I didn't want to pack too much wool for the tropics. I decided that I would take the opportunity of a long plane ride to knit and conquer the Springtime Bandit.

I had tried to knit this shawl about 5 other times and kept running into issues. Finally I just did it! Now I only used. 2.25 skeins of yarn compared to the 3 skeins the pattern called for but my shawl is plenty big enough and beautiful.

I knit the body of the shawl on the way to Hawaii and the edging while in Hawaii. I finally cast of the shawl on the plane ride home. I was ready to do the running of the shawl but Scott thought that I might get in trouble if I did that.

In the end, the shawl is complete and I love it. I'm never knitting another one of these again though.

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