Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Eating Local - Grilled Pork Tacos, Yucatan Style with Pickled Red Onions

Pork Tacos, Yucatan Style

It was Taco Tuesday and we always have tacos on Tuesday. Luckily Eating Local had a great Grilled Pork Tacos, Yucatan Style with Pickled Red Onions recipe on page 278.

Marinating Pork

The recipe calls for the creation of an achiote paste which requires annatto seeds. I searched high and low for those darn annatto seeds and even visited a Mexican grocery looking for them. Eventually I gave up and added some chilies in sauce to the marinate for kicks.

Pork Tacos

The tacos were spicy and tender though Scott did mention that he much preferred flour tortillas to the corn ones I served tonight. He said the flour ones don't fall apart as fast as the corn ones do and he does have a point.

Pickled Onion2

The most surprising part of the meal for me was the pickled onions. Until about two years ago, I did not like onions but now, now I crave them. These pickled onions are pure crunchy delight.

Pickling Onions
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