Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday afternoon, we made it official.

We sold the condo and bought a house. This is the house we are starting our lives together in. This is the house we hope to grow a family, grow memories and grow old in.

North Ballard House 16

We're so excited about it since it seems that we've been working toward this goal for most of the year. We started the process of selling our condo before we even got married. Then we searched high and low for the perfect for us house.

North Ballard House 2

We saw a great many houses. We saw some fantastic ones that were way out of our price range and others that were so horrendously scary that we didn't get further in than the entry. But after awhile, we spotted this one and we didn't hesistate. We put in an offer that night and anxiously waited for the sellers to accept, which they did.

North Ballard House 14

And now we are the proud owners of this house. We don't move in for a few weeks but it's official, it's ours. Now onto the decorating!

*These are not my photos, nor are they our belongs. But it is our home!
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