Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Crowd Source Kitchen Paint Color

Kitchen View 1

Our kitchen needs a fresh coat of paint and I figure if we are going to paint it, I'd like to add a bit of color. My problem is that I can not decide on a color at all.

Kitchen Side 1

At first my husband suggested yellow but after putting a few samples on the wall, we noticed that they matched the cabinets (light maple) way too closely and that we needed some contrast.

Kitchen Side 2

Then we thought, Green! But the dining room which is adjacent is a light green and really that feels like a lot of green.

Back Splash

We also have this beautiful tile back splash that we'd like to coordinate the paint colors with.

Wall to be painted

Finally I just took all my Martha Stewart Paint Samples out and we painted swatches on the wall that we plan to paint. The rest of the walls will remain a nice cream.

Color Ideas

So tell me, which color would you paint my kitchen? I'm not married to any of these particular colors but I need direction and lots of help!
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