Friday, August 12, 2011

How to Throw a Spectacular Baby Shower

Pregnant Chicks

As good luck would have it, my good friend Meg is also pregnant and I'm so very excited for her. This baby has been long in the wanting and will be smothered with love when she makes her appearance in October. Way back in the day when Meg threw my bridal shower, I told her that I would one day throw her a baby shower and so when she told me she was pregnant, I began planning her shower.

Baby Shower Food

I wanted this to be a shower filled with love, food and fun! I scoured magazines, I searched websites and I kept my eye open for ideas. Martha Stewart featured a Book Themed Baby Shower in MS Living and I knew I had found the perfect baby shower theme. Then Meg's dad made her a bookcase which cried out to be filled with lovely children's books.

Book Plate Station

I asked everyone to bring their favorite children's book along with a present for Hazelnut (My nickname for Meg's baby). I printed out book plates from MS on label paper and asked people to inscribe them for the baby.

The Gifts!

Since Meg and I HATE baby shower games, I decided to have a few activities to keep the party flowing. I had a "Suggest a Name for Hazelnut" station along with a "How Well Do You Know Meg?" game. I think Meg was grateful that I didn't make people wrap her in toilet paper or something like that. She did laugh at some of the questions on my activity and shot me a dirty look for including the question, "What is Meg's Favorite Curse Word?" as her in-laws and other family were at the shower.

Joy's Quilt of Love

Meg received a lot of wonderful baby presents and TWO quilts! Her Mom made her the lovely one above and our friend Amanda made the gorgeous quilt below. I was in awe at the handiwork involved in both of the quilts. And since Meg is a knitting friend and we have a lot of friends that knit, she received so many beautiful baby hand-knit sweaters.

Amanda's Quilt

All in all, it was a lovely shower and I'm sure Hazelnut now knows how loved she is by all of us. I can't wait to meet her!
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