Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Nursery for Platy

If there is one thing I love doing, it is decorating. And having a baby means that I got to decorate a nursery! I've been thinking about Platy's nursery pretty much since the day I found out I was pregnant but the true decorating didn't begin until we found out that we were having a girl. I had a whole boy theme in my head, it was going to be robots, which I could have done for a girl but instead, I love the direction the nursery went in.

I talked about my inspiration back in July with this post. Now that the room is 95% complete, I'm ready to show it off! I'm still missing a basket for the bookcase and I need to make a decision on a photo mural wall but I just can't seem to decide. I'm wishy-washy lately.

Toward the Crib

This is the view as you enter the room. I have two quilts on the crib right now. The top one was made by my friend Amanda and is the most gorgeous thing ever! The pink one underneath was a quilt owned by my Grandmother but crafted by the Amish. It's simply divine.

Toward the Dresser

This is the view from the crib or what Platy can use as an aiming device with her future toys. I placed the changing table on top of the dresser but I suspect a lot of changes will happen on the floor, on the couch or on our bed.

Towards the Bookcase

This is the view toward the window. You can see where the missing basket goes. It should arrive tomorrow or so they say. My Mom saved all my books from childhood so Platy's bookcase is FULL! Of course when she learns how to pull them out and rip at the pages, many of these books will be placed on a much higher service. I hope the baskets can house her toys. I pretend that we will limit the number of toys because I'm a silly person that way.

Window Valence and Shade

I decided to go the inexpensive route for window coverings and bought a vinyl roller blind from Home Depot and prettied it up with a frilly tulle valence which coincidently matches the crib skirt. I can't help it if I'm girly!

A Chair for Platy

This was my rocking chair as a little girl and now I'm passing it along to Platy. The Raggedy Ann doll was also mine and my Mother bemoans the loss of Raggedy Andy. Supposedly something bad happened there. The blanket on the back of the chair was made by my Grandmother. I found it in her things after she passed and took it. I have a feeling she made it for a future great grand child. And even if she didn't, I'm pretending she did.

Hamper and Laundry Bag

I found this great laundry basket/ trash can thing at Ikea and made a simple laundry bag for it. I like that it has a lid which I hope will keep a child from rummaging around inside it. The diaper pail (which I still need to get) will have a true lock on it because I can only imagine what could happen there.


I did take my crazy obsessive organization skills to the next level and labeled the dresser drawers. I figure then if I'm not putting things away, the person who is can figure out where things go. I have a feeling other people will attempt to be helpful and will want to put things away. I'm working on allowing that to happen. I'm a bit controlling when it comes to stuff.

Going Home Outfit

The last thing I did in Platy's nursery was lay out her  "Going Home" outfit. Scott bought this onesie shortly after we decided to name her Platy when she looked more like a Platypus than a baby. I love it! I hope she isn't too big for it when she is born.

I hope Platy enjoys this room as much as I have enjoyed putting it together for her. Just 11 more weeks (give or take) until we get to meet our daughter. I'm so, so, so excited!
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