Thursday, September 01, 2011


Pregnant Lady at the beach Way back in June, Scott and I headed to Hawaii. Everyone kept saying it was our babymoon but little did they know we had the trip planned before we found out about said baby. It was a delightful escape from everyday life. We headed to our favorite island, Maui where we are lucky enough to have the use of my parent's timeshare.
  Child at the beach

The only failure we had in planning this trip was the timing. We went in late June, along with every child and parent in America. The resort was shrill with the sounds of parents and children. I told Scott that this was a glimpse into our future. He shuddered a lot. I shuddered in return. Next time we plan to head to Maui anytime but in the Summer. I mean our kid won't be in school for a very long time so we'll have the luxury of traveling when we feel is best, right?
  View through Iao Valley

We visited the beautiful Iao Valley this time and hiked a bit into the greenery. I was a bit concerned about the hike since I was plagued by nausea but then I saw a 70 year old woman head up the path and knew I could totally keep up. The view from the top was gorgeous and well worth the tiny hike. Seriously, it was the tiniest of hikes. I'm not sure why I worried.

 We also visited some favorite sites and ate at some delicious restaurants. Mostly we rested though and swam in the ocean/pool. I love the water and it felt so good to swim. We even went snorkeling which went OK for me. As I mentioned before, I felt barfy and well snorkeling makes me barfy on a good day. Let's just say I fed the fish a lot while yelling at Scott to stay away from me in the water. I'm a joy to snorkel with, a pure joy. Still we were able to laugh about it, so that was good.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip, the last trip with just the two of us. The next time we travel, there will be 3 and at least one of the three will be whiny. I'll do my best to keep my whine down but I make no promises.
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