Thursday, January 05, 2012

Baby Boot Camp (and a letter to Molly)

Molly Ann
 This week, I feel like Molly and I have graduated from Newborn Boot Camp. We've made it through the trenches and survived! Scott and I are starting to figure out Molly's moods and she keeps throwing in new ones to keep us on our toes. She began smiling at us this week and really began recognizing Scott and I as her parents (or at least the two people who are around her the most).

She's been awake more and napping less. This week, Scott went back to work after a two week vacation which means that it is just Molly and me during the day. We're doing pretty good. We went to the breast feeding support group, had lunch with Meg and Ruby and even made a trip to UVillage.

 Molly still hates tummy time but I'm making her do it twice a day. I figure making your child do some things that they dislike is one of the things you have to do as a parent. It's all part of tiger parenting. Smiling Molly

 We've made it through the first six weeks and are settling into a nice routine. I love snuggling with you in bed every morning. I swore that I would never co-sleep and on night one, you proved me wrong. While I've been working hard to get you to sleep in your co-sleeper at night and some nights, you do, there are still many more nights where you sleep in my arms. Dad has been gracious in sharing the bed and has not once complained about his shrinking bed space. We are both just so in love with you. In fact, Dad had told me that sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night to check that you are breathing and to watch you. I find that to be very sweet. 

 You are a champion at breast feeding. I am however not a champion at making milk due to my breast reduction 10+ years ago. (I, however, do not regret having the reduction. It opened up a whole wide world to me and has made the person I am today.) I am happy that you get more than half of your nutrition from me. I didn't know how important it would be to me that we'd be able to breast feed so I'm happy that we can. Dad also enjoys that he gets to give you some bottles and it is nice for me to have a break once in awhile. 

This week, you started smiling at us and our hearts melted again. You already have us twisted around your little fingers. We've been lucky too. You are a pretty chill little lady. You really only complain when we take too long responding to your few desires. During the day, you love being carried around in the Beco Gemini and I often use it to lull you to sleep. I've also started it using for outings and it is so much easier than carrying you in your car seat. 

 Good work, Molly! Now we can continue getting to know each other and enjoying all these new moments together. I love you so very much, more than you'll ever understand (well maybe one day you'll have a daughter of your own and you'll have a glimmer of how much I love you but it will be just a glimmer).

Molly - Six Weeks
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