Tuesday, July 24, 2012

8 Months with Molly Pop

Swimming Molly
In just four short months, you are going to be a year and I can not believe it. You are quickly becoming a little kid and less like a baby every day. You have even begun saying some 'words' like Dadi, Mama and Baba. We love how you will sit and whisper, Dadi, Dadi, Dadi. It is super cute. Big Girl Molly
You are crawling like mad and are so fast! You keep trying to stand up from the crawling position but if you don't have anything to hold on it, it is a bit of a disaster. You keep trying though. Pop Pop says that you have my determination. It will serve you well because sometimes determination is the only thing that will get you through.
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Your love affair with solid food continues and I've recently introduced cheese and yogurt to you. True love! You have also graduated to more finger-type foods. You still eat purees but you think steamed broccoli, chopped turkey and shredded soft cheeses are great! You really like feeding yourself but allow me to spoon feed you when you are starving. We are moving from two meals up to three meals this month. It's more work for me but more joy for you. photo
We've continued your Monday/Wednesday swim lessons. You get so excited when we pull up to the pool and start bouncing around. You have been hard at work at learning how to pull yourself out of the pool, crawling in the water, splashing and floating. You are not so hip on floating on your back but I'll let you in on a secret, Mama never conquered that skill and Mama LOVES to swim. I'm so glad that I signed you up for the entire summer. I was worried that it was too much but now I think it is just perfect. We'll skip lessons this winter but will still make time to visit the pool for swimming. Molly Floats
Blowing raspberries is your new obsession. You love blowing them so much that often a tickle of spit will start to slowly drip onto your chest. You think that is funny as it just provides more spit for raspberries! Pop Pop and I find it gross because we get covered in your spit if we sit too close. You also love waving goodbye to everyone including the cats. You've been sleeping in your own nursery since your 7th month birthday and it was a good move. You've been sleeping better. We've been sleeping better and everyone is happy. Of course this isn't to say that every night is perfect but over all it's been a good move. You still come to our room in the morning for snuggles and we do like that a lot! We moved you to the convertible carseat a few weeks ago and the transition has gone well. You love the mirror I put up to watch you as you can watch Mirror Baby. She's the best baby ever! Bears!
You had your first visit to the Zoo and you thought the Grizzly Bears were AWESOME! You stood at the window and growled at them. We didn't see the entire zoo on this visit as you fell asleep but we'll be back and next time you can check out the penguins. Happy 8 Months!
It's been such a fun journey watching you grow and gain new skills. Every day is a new adventure in MollyLand and I'm so happy to be on this ride with you. This next month is going to be full of fun too! We have TWO trips planned. I surely hope you enjoy traveling in the car because you are going to be in it for long periods of time. We love you so very much, Molly Pop!   Plaid Shoed
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