Thursday, July 05, 2012

An Obsession - Cloth Diapering

Long before I got pregnant, I decided that I would cloth diaper. I'm one of those people that once they decided to do something, they do it, come hell or high water.
So it was a no-brainer when I got pregnant that I would cloth diaper but I wasn't sure HOW I would cloth diaper. I quizzed all my friends, took tours of their cloth diapering stations, read blogs and checked out all the stores and sites for information about cloth diapering.
Fuzzi Bunz
There was one site that really helped me decided how I wanted to cloth diaper and it was, StyleBerryBlog . Her posts on Fuzzi Bunz Diapers and how to wash them sealed the deal for me. I was hooked!
Fuzzi Bunz Insert
I bought a whole set of Fuzzi Bunz diapers and felt ready to go. Then I started reading more. I realized that the Fuzzi Bunz One Size were going to be great once the baby was 10+ lbs. I was hoping that I wouldn't have a 10+ lb baby so I knew I would need something to fit the gap. I thought about disposables and I did buy a bag of them. I knew that Scott would appreciate having the disposables until he was comfortable with the cloth diapers.
After a bit of thought and research, I decided to go with prefolds for the starter diapers. They were fantastic! I loved how you could fold them in different ways for different purposes and they also make wonderful burp rags. Once Molly got over 14 lbs and started to wiggle, I gave them up. They were too hard for me to get on such a wiggly child. By then we were firmly in the Fuzzi Bunz diapering way.
bum genius
I use the Fuzzi Bunz during the day but switch to Bum Genius diapers for the overnight diapers. I double stuff them so they can absorb a lot of moisture. They are wonderful at wicking the wet away from Molly's bum.
For wipes, I use a combination of Kirkland brand disposable wipes and fleece cloth wipes. I like the cloth wipes for drying her butt which helps reduce diaper rash.
diaper creams
I tend not to use a lot of creams but as you can see from the photo above, we have a lot of creams in this house. All but the Butt Paste are great to use on cloth diapers. When we have a nasty diaper rash, I do use the butt paste with disposable diaper liners which is also what we use with every diaper now that Molly is eating solid food and ummm well pooping solid poops.
open diaper pail
I use a dry diaper pail system and most importantly it has a lock on it against inquisitive little girls. As for washing my diapers, I follow the guidelines listed in this post. We have the exact same washing machine and so far, I've had great success with my cloth diapers. I'm so happy that I decided to cloth diaper. And most importantly, Scott likes that we cloth diaper because he has never had to run to the grocery store at midnight to buy more diapers. 
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