Sunday, April 06, 2014

Fifteen Weeks with Chicken Nugget


It was a cranky week around our house. We started potty training with Molly (and have subsequently taken a break) which was really stressful for everyone. Poor Maggie did not know what was going on around her usually happy house. We did end the week on a high note with a dinner playdate with one of Scott's co-workers and his new little baby girl. As you can tell, Maggie and her really whooped it up!


Maggie displayed some of her hilarious sleeping skills this week by falling asleep during floor time. I put her down on her tummy and then turned away to get something for Molly. I looked back and Maggie was on her back, sound asleep. Already taking after her big sister who used to pass out on the floor all the time.


I finally broke out the whale tub for Maggie. I've been just taking baths with her but she needed a bath and I didn't so I got out the tub. She did not like it very much but hey, she's now clean and smells good! Scott and I were laughing at the difference in how we bathed Molly and how we bath Maggie. It was a BIG DEAL with Molly and something we did every other night as part of our bedtime routine. Maggie gets bathed when I remember (or she smells) and it happens at any time of the day. Poor second child!


Maggie is getting so big! I weighed her and she is closing on a hearty 14 pounds. She holds her head up all by herself and is almost sitting up on her own. She's so close and she really wants to sit up. There is lots of work going into sitting up on her own. She'll get there.
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