Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Thirty Two Weeks with Chicken Nugget


Maggie was a champ with all the different people who watched her this last week. She stayed her usual happy self through the sadness that engulfed the rest of the family. Her giggles and smiles kept me sane.


Maggie discovered cat food this week and has developed a love for it, just like her sister. I think there must be something about crawling and where the cat food is located that equals true love. Maggie has also been eating sweet potatoes and watermelon like crazy. She loves them so much.


Maggie has been waking up a bit during the night and we don't know why! A friend suggested the 9 month sleep regression even though it would be early but it makes sense to me. Maggie's crawling has picked up speed and if you leave the room for a minute, she is sure to follow you while crying and crawling fast. Maggie has also started stealing her sister's toys which causes her sister to scream and yell.

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