Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Grief, Death and Sunken Ships are This Week's Links Around the Web


On Grief - As the year anniversary of my father's passing nears, I've been thinking more about grief. Those first days after someone passes are lived in a daze but then you start to accept that they are gone and you begin moving on with your life. One thing you don't do is forget them. This line from this post really spoke to me, "Rather often I am asked whether the grief remains as intense as when I wrote. The answer is, No. The wound is no longer raw. But it had not disappeared. That is as it should be. If he was worth loving, he is worth grieving over." And so I'll always grieve for my Father and for all that my children lost with his death, because he was worth loving. 

Sheryl Sandberg on the end of sheloshim for her husband - I may not always agree with Sheryl Sandberg's idea of leaning in but her words on ending sheloshim for her husband spoke so deeply to me. "I think when tragedy occurs, it presents a choice. You can give in to the void, the emptiness that fills your heart, your lungs, constricts your ability to think or even breathe. Or you can try to find meaning. These past thirty days, I have spent many of my moments lost in that void. And I know that many future moments will be consumed by the vast emptiness as well." Her honest and poignant words are heartfelt and beautiful through their grief. 

Wreck Of A 221-Year-Old Slave Ship Is Confirmed Off South Africa This is a significant find for archaeologists, "because there has never been archaeological documentation of a vessel that foundered and was lost while carrying a cargo of enslaved persons. The Sao Jose is all the more significant because it represents one of the earliest attempts to bring East Africans into the trans-Atlantic slave trade - a shift that played a major role in prolonging that tragic trade for decades."

Surreal Photography These photos look like something out of a techno-color dream. They are amazing. 
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