Saturday, November 12, 2016

Week in Review - 11.12.16


I missed last week's week in review and then this week was just stunning. I never believed that Hillary would lose the election and the reality of that has been sinking in all week. This has spurred me to new action. I will be making some changes to my volunteer efforts in 2017, donating to some new organizations and getting more involved in my political community. My children deserve all that I can do for their future and so I will be doing all I can do.



Exercise was great these past two weeks. I ended my Transformation program with a lost of almost 7 lbs and a 1 1/2 inch loss from my bust and waist along with a 2 inch loss from my hips. I kept up my 3 day a week boot camp sessions and pushed myself to lift higher weights.

I also attempted a cycling class after a month off for my hip bursitis. I've pretty much graduated from PT for it and wanted to see where I am. I left early but only 10 minutes early. My hip is sore today but otherwise I'm good. I think I'm almost back in the game with much stronger hip muscles.

I took Molly to Family Boot Camp at my gym where she said she wasn't going to participate but then ended up having so much fun.


The largest cabbage I have ever seen arrived in my organic bag from @fullcirclefarms today! It's destined to be slaw. #filmborn

Since my Transformation program has ended, I've been indulging a bit more which needs to be nipped in the bud. I did discover that the Magnolia Metropolitan Market has some awesome sushi and a poke bar. I may have gone there twice this week for lunch. 

I also received the largest head of cabbage I've ever seen from Full Circle Farms last week. I am preserving some kraut with it and making so many meals of cabbage slaw. 


I participated in a filming last week and had the opportunity to try Heritage Distillery Brown Sugar Bourbon. It was delicious! 

The Girls


Our big news with the girls this week is that Maggie has potty trained. After talking with her preschool teachers, we decided to do the three day plan and she did awesome! She's had a few accidents but is really doing great!


I also took our family portraits this past weekend and while we got a great shot (which I will reveal later), it was so hard! Next time I attempt this, I'm going to ask someone to come and stand behind the camera tripod to engage the kids.

Other Goings On


At the end of my Transformation program, I was giving an awesome book, "You are a Badass" and I can not wait to dig into it. I just need to finish my parenting book club book and then I'm going to learn how to be a better bad ass! 

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