Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Monthly Goal Check-In (October)


Just when I think that the months can't go by any faster, they seem to speed up! I can't believe it is already NOVEMBER! 

1.  Workout 4 times a week - I've been working out 5-6 times a week with my Transformation project and loving it. I've been going to PT and my hips are doing so much better! I'm considering this goal tackled and done. 

2. Complete Whole30 in January 

3. Keep purging the house with the Bowl Full of Lemons 14 Week Plan - The purging continues! I'm about two weeks behind but getting it done! 

4. Complete Four (4) Day in the Life Challenges and participate in at least ten 10 on 10's - I'm going to do a Day in the Life Challenge in November (TBD) and did another 10 on 10 in October

5. Complete TKGA Master Knitting Level I - I have scheduled time to work on this at least once a week to get this done but honestly I may need to finish this in 2017. 

6. Grow a kick-ass Garden! 

7. Read for 15 minutes a day- This is such a habit now and I totally do this everyday. I'm considering this crossed off too. 

8. Volunteer with two organizations and include the girls.

9. Catch up on my yearly photo books of the girls - So yeah, still haven't done this. 

10. Get back to Blogging on a more regular basis and focus more on my writing.


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