Friday, April 21, 2017

Monthly Goal Check-In (March)


March was incredibly busy with a trip to Disneyland, work, kid activities and Scott's travels. I feel like I'm still catching up. The rainy weather has also not helped me with keeping my energy up! I have this deep desire to snuggle on the couch with a hot drink and just stare at the rain as it pours down. While a delightful way to spend an afternoon, it is not such a productive way to live!


2017 Goals

1. Workout 217 times in 2017 - I worked out 21 times in March. I'm at 64 workouts with 153 more workouts to complete this year. 

2. Participate in the Year of Creativity - This month was all about messy feelings and I've been feeling so messy. Scott pointed out that this time of year was when my Dad told us about his cancer. I think I'll also feel a bit messy at this time of the year. 

3. Shoot one roll of film a month - I shot two rolls of film in March but have yet to process them. That seems to be my big stumbling block. 

4. Complete TKGA Master Knitting Level I - I worked on my Blocking Report research and got it all together along with the necessary books and articles. 

5. Finish my Miter Square Blanket - Sadly I didn't knit any of my squares this month. There is still plenty of times, right? 

6. Read 52 books. - I read 2 books this month and will post a book report early next week. This means I have 38 books to read this year and 14 under my belt. I had a hard time reading in March!

7. Finish up various House Projects - We selected our contractor and architect so I feel like the basement remodel is on the way. I also selected colors for the kitchen and bathroom which need to be repainted.

8. Catch up on my yearly photo books of the girls - I'm still gathering my images but slowly making progress on this goal. 

9. Become more politically active and work to be the change in my community - This has sadly gotten sidelined. 

10. Learn how to make a really good stock  I'm counting this goal has being done! 

Bonus Goal: Grow two new crops in my garden and add some chickens to my flock. - I started my seeds - Delice de la Table and Burgess Butter Cup squash but have not transplanted them yet. It has been too cold. 
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