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Week in Review 4.1.17


This week zoomed right on by. I admit to getting excited about April 1st. The beginning of the month means a new Year of Creativity lesson goes up and I always get excited about them. I also felt a little anxious because I didn't work on my yearly goals as much as I wanted to. 



I didn't push myself on the workout front this week on purpose. I got in 4 solid workouts and they felt good but decided to skip the 5th. I'm at 64 workouts for the year so I'm on track for 217 in 2017! I went to a Flywheel class with my friend, Laurie. It was hard and sweaty but I loved hanging out with her in the middle of the day. It felt like a treat! 



We had some good meals this week and the girls actually ate most of the food. I think they were hungry. After working out with Laurie on Thursday, I had some extra time before I needed to get the girls from school so I tried out Bounty Kitchen for the first time. It was so good! I'll be back! 


Maggie and I headed up to Edmonds on Tuesday for poke. The owners loved that she didn't touch the rice but inhaled the poke. That's my raw fish lover! She constantly asks me to take her out for sushi which means she's a pricey little date. 


I got some new ice cream - Sweet Lo's and the family loved it! I had a few bites and this stuff is delicious! It's going to be hard not to eat all the ice cream, all the time. 

The Girls


Maggie started a yoga class this week and she loved it. I was worried because she is currently the most 3 of 3 and threw a tantrum when I mentioned trying out yoga. However, when yoga day came, she was super excited. She carried her mat in and confidently set up. When I came back at the end of class, she showed me her moves and the next morning, insisted that we do yoga together. It was awesome. 


The girls threw themselves into Letter D of the Peaceful Preschool. We read books, made a bird seed wreath, painted everything and made cards for friends. Maggie loved making cards and I heard the recipients of her cards loved them too. We have one more week with Letter D and some fun activities. I'm planning to write more about our lessons shortly. 


Molly recently expressed interest in learning how to garden so I'm building a small box for the girls. Until I can get that done (the rain won't stop!), I got the girls this egg carton veggie seed kit. They planted seeds on Wednesday and I took the opportunity to use Treehouse Schoolhouse's Life Cycle printouts to discuss the cycle of plants. The girls keep excitedly checking the progress of the seeds. 

Other Goings On


It was a fun and busy week. We took a day trip to Olympia for a story I'm doing and had the best time. The Hands On Children's Museum is seriously the best in this area. I really want one like that closer to our house. The cherry trees are blooming and they are gorgeous! We are on the hunt for a kitten but "inventory" is low right now and we want to get the right one for our family. 

Stories Published

The April issue of Seattle's Child is out along with my SHOP column and some adorable pictures of the girls in the ROMP section.





Seattle Refined: Stair Climbing doesn't have to be scary!
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