Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week in Review 1. 21.18


Another week, another ski session. I had so much fun flying down the slopes and I am no where as sore as I was last week. In fact, I'm heading out for a Reformer Pilates class in a bit since I'm feeling good. Also let's be honest, I signed up on Classpass and forgot to cancel last night so I have to go or pay a penalty fee. It will be worth it though! 



I got in 5 
workouts this week! I did three 
boot camp classes, a barre3 class and I went skiing! It was so much easier this week and I got to do a few runs on the magic carpet with Molly. I'm hoping to be able to ski with her next winter. We have one more ski lesson class to go so I have one more day of skiing I can do. 

Last year, I did 217 workouts in 2017 with my gym. The best gym owner ever gave all of us a prize for completing the challenge and I love it. It reminds me that "Anything is Possible" every time I look at my wrist. 



The kids decided to reject almost every meal I served this week but I didn't care because it was all so good! By the end of the week though I had swerved off our menu plan and ended up ordering take-out a few too many times. Oh well, next week is another week!


The Girls

Maggie ended up skipping ski lessons this week. Scott needed to stay home due to a procedure earlier in the week so I left her with him and drove to the mountains with Molly. It was so much fun skiing with her. I dropped her off at lessons and while she was learning how to stop, I took a few runs. It was snowing like mad and everyone was out on the slopes. Molly conquered the Magic Carpet and made the hill her own. She is really doing well. 


Maggie is doing so well at swimming and was even moved up to the harder group in her lessons. She isn't happy though since she now has a boy teacher so I told her to stop swimming so well which made her laugh. She also randomly asked to ride her scooter to pick-up Molly the other day so now I have high hopes for a summer of wheels! 


Other Goings On

It felt like a really busy week even though we had Monday off and didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I spent a good portion of Wednesday clearing out my paperwork pile of doom. I got it down to a 1/3 of its former self. Now if I could only make myself get caught up on my work receipts for taxes. BLERGH! 

Strawberry Picking

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